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Copy of Dandelyon Coffee

No description

noora kareem

on 19 January 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Dandelyon Coffee

23.421,18 Eur
33.340,05 Eur
Done by:
Noora K. Abdullah 200903209
Aisha A. Rabei 200912778

To instructor: Emily

There are several companies that are involved in processing and trading of coffee in U.A.E.

One of the brands is (Arabica coffee)

Dubai is the most strategic place in Middle East for imports and exports.

Coffee is one of the food products that pass into its borders.

Coffee is the product of luxury and cold weather

U.A.E - one of the top 5 countries involved in re-exporting coffee (2005-2008) >> import it from other sustainable places that grow coffee.
General information
Importing procedures
Transactions of importation
Dubai port regulations
Production & supply
Consumer demand

Why there is highly demand
Used for domestically usage.

It also has a big population, which has a relatively good income for shopping for coffee.

The increase in numbers of expatriates and tourists in Dubai has raised the sales.

Use for re-exporting to countries that value luxury and are cold, such as Kazakhstan, Greenland, Lithuania, Latvia and Austria.

In U.A.E, specifically it is used for luxury and well being, because it is cold in winter only

Food Control Authority in U.A.E >> to enable it happen smoothly. It’s also to ensure the safety and health of the consumer.

1. It must have been registered with Dubai Municipal E-Government.

Payments are made electronically. The submission of the electronic form is done through login into DM websites:
www.dm.gov.ae and selecting register

Importing procedures:
2. Activate the food import and re-export service through registration with the food import and re-export system program.

Must register with e-government :

Company trade license copy
Telephone & fax number
Email address & post office box
company’s representative’s details
location of warehouses
Telephone numbers

Importing procedures:
3. Food label approval for packaged.

Brand name, product name.
Ingredients, production and expiry dates.
Manufacturers name, weight and volume,
origin country, barcode of the product, lot number.
Storage conditions, instructions for use and nutritional details.
Language of the label should be in Arabic.

Sometimes laboratory tests are performed before approval

Importing procedures:
4. Coffee and other food stuffs intended for importing are registered in registration and classification section according to barcode number.

Submit an e-application to register the coffee.
Attaching an image of coffee product that is clear.
Submit a sample of the coffee itself to the officer responsible.

5. Dates of production and expiry are mentioned on packaged foods. They should be printed on the original package or label so that it is difficult to erase.

Do not use sticker or write in manually.
They do not allow double dates to be printed on the coffee packages. The dates should be indicated months to years.

Importing procedures:
More than 500 billion cups of coffee are consumed each year, making it world’s most popular beverage.

It is also the world’s most traded commodity, after crude oil

Interesting coffee fact:
Fun Fact :

Gloria Jeanm’ Coffees has over 480 stores open in Australia.

(Gloria Jeans Coffees 2011 )

Fun Fact:

Ethiopia is considered to be the oldest exporter of coffee , and in 2005 was the sixth-largest coffee producer and seventh-largest exporter worldwide

(petit 2007 )
Fun Fact:

The U.S. is the highest consumer of world coffee
( sereke-Brhan )

Fun Fact:
When the first coffee house opened in England in 1652 , women were prohibited from entering,
Other than to serve men.

Import coffee from Ecuador

Has good quality coffee to be imported into U.A.E which will boost its re-export chances.

In 2012 alone, Ecuador exported coffee whose worth was about $260.34 million.

Ecuador has been the leading producer of fresh coffee that is imported into U.A.E, as reported by the gulf news.

It is a country full of natural resources
1. Importing establishment submits an electronic import application through FIRS by logging on DM website before the arrival of the consignment to the entry port.

Two types of coffee import applications are those for local markets and those for re-export

2. Upon arrival at the port, they submit the consignment to the inspection site of food trade section at the port entry.

they submit: the bill of entry, delivery order, original heath certificate and any other certificates required

Transactions of importation
3. Sometimes the consignment is detained in case they fail to submit important documents:

such as health certificate or the consignment is just unsatisfactory.

The consignment involves a coffee product that has had pest infection, it is more likely to be detained.

Sometimes the coffee product is

Transactions of importation
The regulation of DUBAI port:

1. Food Trade Control Section issues request to the establishment, to transfer the consignment to other emirates
This consignment has all the details and reasons for the transfer

2.The establishment should be licensed in the emirate to which the coffee product is being transferred and should be accepted by relevant authorities

3. There should be a fixed financial deposit submitted for many consignments or deposit for each
4. The request acceptance must have been submitted at the port of entry and the consignment released after supervision of the approved authorities

5. The establishment should submit required documents to the food trade control section to prove that they received the transfer consignment

The regulation of DUBAI port:
Figure 1. ICO Composite world coffee price (US cents per pound)

The more the demand, the higher the prices go

Coffee prices have been rising from 2002 and till date they keep increasing every single day with a few fluctuations

Coffee consumption is expected to grow by 12% per annum in
the year 2014

Coffee shops increased from 648 to 769, which is an increase of about 22.84%

Production and supply and consumer demand
Production and supply and consumer demand
The pop. of Dubai and other emirates is growing and demand
for coffee has been rising

In Dubai, there is a machine called coffee planet that is used to
make coffee for the consumer and was introduced in2005 to
facilitate it for the consumers

The coffee is available in 250g, 500g 1kg and 5kg bags, which is
the largest

Figure 2: Companies
registered with
Dubai Chamber in
coffee activity

The sources on U.A.E
import coffee
are from countries such as:
Brazil, Italy, Switzerland and Germany

These countries have surplus coffee to export to U.A.E for domestic use and for re-export

U.A.E companies are also focusing on maintenance of the quality to make sure their consumers take high quality coffee.

"The better the taste, the better the consumption"

Production and supply and consumer demand
Figure 3: re- export of coffee to other countries

Production and supply and consumer demand
The countries that U.A.E supply the imported coffee to include:

Qatar, Kazakhstan, Greenland, Lithuania, Latvia and Austria.

Most of them are located in north and central Europe where climate is cold, a reason why they import coffee

References List:
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6. EUROMONITOR INTERNATIONAL: Coffee in the United Arab Emirates, Passport, http://www.euromonitor.com/coffee-in-the-united-arab-emirates/report, Sep 2013, p20.

Thank you
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