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Hair extensions

No description

Chelsea Marshall

on 12 June 2013

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Transcript of Hair extensions

QuickNotes Quick Notes Hair Extensions 101 Finding the right Hair extension line for Ricky's NYC Types/ Styles Hair Info
100% Human Hair
Daily -6 months Guarantee
Beautiful color combinations Cinderella Extensions Organic protein bond for attaching extension
Last about 4 months
100% Remy Hair
"Doesnt damage hair before or after"
Sells Specific Hair products for their extension brand Clip Hair - Instant Color & Highlights in Seconds
- 8 Classic & Fashion Colors
- 18" Medium Texture Body Wave There are MILLIONS of Hair Extension Types... Balmain Hair Great Lengths Extensions Other Hair Extensions that are popular in the blogs & Hair World So how do we decide? Price Points Cinderella- 100-1,000
Bailman- 400-2,000
Donna Bella-200-600
Great Legnths-400-2000 Extensions make us feel different ... They also make us LOOK different... Top Extension Brands Balmain Hair Extensions
Donna Bella
Great Lengths Donna Bella Has a variety of colors
Seamless Tape in
Synthetic or Human Clip-ins I link Pro Kera Link Pro Tape In I Hair - 100% Human Remy Hair
- Lasts 4-6 months with proper maintenance
- Over 30 Colors with Lengths from 12"-22"
- Medium Texture
- 3 Hair Types: Straight, Body Wave & Euro Wavy Classic - 100% Human Remy Hair
- Lasts 4-6 months with proper maintenance
- Over 77 Colors with Lengths from 8"-24"
- 3 Hair Textures: Fine, Med. & Course
- 3 Hair Types: Straight, Body Wave & Euro Wavy T Hair - 100% Human Remy Hair
- Lasts 4-6 Months with proper maintenance
- Over 30 Colors with Lengths from 12"-22"
- Medium Texture
- 2 Hair Types: Straight & Body Wave Double Clip-IN
Double Hair
Clip Tape Extension Absolutely shocking, i spent £210.00 for 150 hair extension, i had them put in by a professional Balmain Hair expert and half of the extensions fell out within 2 weeks and the other half i can feel can be easily pulled out. They are ratty and horrible. I would not recommend to anybody. Balmain Hair Extensions “Love it!”
Written on: 15/08/2012 by k.tlaird

I always use balmain extensions and proper love the extensions they offer. i never have problems, like with others. the after care shampoos n conditioner is really good too so u can keep the hair for longer. i was shocked at comments on here as never had any problems at my salon. always make sure ur hairdresser is trained in them, we got certificates to prove it in the salon. -Established In 1991
-Used in countries like Great Britain, Italy, France, Austria, Germany, Scandinavia, Holland, Belgium, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Luxembourg, the U. S. A., Canada, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Hong Kong, the United Arab Emirates, South Africa, the Caribbean, Japan, Mexico, Thailand and many more countries
-Great Lengths salon in soho
-Prices Range from $400-$2,000
-Extension choice of the stars Factors To consider Price point
Target Market
Market Demand
possible profit Hair Locs
Hair Dreams
HairUwear (Already carry)
Socap USA
Klix Hair Extensions
Easy Hair PRO
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