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The Importance of an Integrated Customer Journey

Prepared for Yellow Pages Group

Barnaby Lawrence

on 24 January 2013

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Transcript of The Importance of an Integrated Customer Journey

Why is an integrated
customer journey important across communications? It creates convenience Integration of a
customer journey It creates consistency It creates
choice How? Through better integration of technology.

<The music industry>

Why's that important? <JOMO, speed, ease>

<Coke, MySky> How? By uniting a brand's components
to sing off the same song sheet.

OXO - 100 years old in 2015 <messaging, values, tone of voice, branding>.

Why is that important? Consumers value consistency - in themselves and others. Consistency vs inconsistency. Cognitive dissonance.

<Subway> How? By providing customers with a selection
of platforms, products or services to interact with.

Both products and services. <Coke, Yellow>

Why's that important? Because everyone's an individual (and wants to be treated like one!)

Satisfies market demand / Ensures a healthy portfolio. Consistent Choice Convenient References
Cialdini, R.B. (2007). Influence: The Pschology of Persuasion. USA: HarperCollins Publishers.
Klein, N. (2000). NO LOGO. London, UK: HarperCollins Publishers.
Vincenzi, P. (1985). Taking Stock: Over 75 Years of the Oxo Cube. London, UK: Collins Publishing.
Walters, C. (1997). Marketing Principles: 4th Edition. Auckland, New Zealand: Pearson. United Tailored Easy
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