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American Horror Story: Asylum

No description

Angie Gamboa

on 16 April 2014

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Transcript of American Horror Story: Asylum

In Briarcliff because he is a suspected serial killer
Aliens take his wife, Alma
Impregnates fellow inmate, Grace, who is also abducted by the aliens
His psychiatrist, Dr. Thredson is the actual killer
Discharged from asylum and lives with both Alma, Grace, and his 2 children
At the end, right before he dies, he goes missing...aliens?
Kit Walker
Supposed haven for unloved and unwanted
Run by Catholics
The inmates are not properly cared for
Briarcliff Asylum
Reporter, hoping to get the inside scoop on Briarcliff
Thrown in asylum by Sister Jude who uses her sexuality as an excuse
Kidnapped by Thredson and locked up in his basement
Escapes Thredson only to be returned to the asylum
Finds that she is pregnant and unsuccessfully tries to abort it with a coat hanger
Writes memoir about her time at Briarcliff
At the end of the series, she kills the son she had put up for adoption
Lana Winters
In asylum for killing her family
After being caught with Kit, Sister Jude orders her to be sterilized, but before that can happen the aliens take her
She returns, pregnant
Dies after taking a bullet for Kit
Her body disappears on the way to incineration
Come back, alive, and gives birth
Bloodily murdered by Kit's first wife, Alma
Grace Bertrand
Starts the show as dominate nun in charge
Obsessed with and suspicious of Dr. Arden
Inner conflict over killing a young girl
Framed by Arden and Sis. Mary Eunice, resulting in her admittance to Briarcliff as a patient
As an inmate, drugged and confused, Sister Jude loses her mind
Years later, she is rescued by Kit, who takes her to live with him and his family
Sister Jude
So What's It About?
American Horror Story: Asylum
Account of actual happenings
Emotional extremes
Psychological/physical terror
Mystery and suspense
Gothic Elements
Starts off as pure, innocent nun
Possessed by the devil and starts committing all sorts of devious deeds
Kills Sam Goodman, an investigator who is about to uncover the truth about Arden's past
Frames Sister Jude and has her admitted as a patient
Killed by Monsignor who pushes her off a banister
Dr. Oliver Thredson
Psychiatrist at Briarcliff, assigned to Kit
Initially just treating Kit, but pushes for more involvement
The actual "Bloody Face"
Kidnaps Lana, locks her up in his basement, and rapes her
Sister Mary Eunice gives him permanent position at asylum
Planning to kill Lana, but stops when he learns she is pregnant
Killed by Lana who says "prison would be too good for you"
Dr. Arthur Arden
Doctor at Briarcliff
Ex-Nazi doctor, Hans Grüper
Experiments on inmates with no family, calling the creatures they become "Raspers"
Infatuated with Sister Mary Eunice and her innocence and purity
Throws himself into the furnace along with Sister Mary Eunice's body
Sister Mary Eunice

Discussion Questions
What is the name of the asylum?
Who is possessed by the devil?
What qualities of Sister Mary Eunice does Dr. Arthur Arden find appealing?
Why did Sister Jude become a nun?
What is Dr. Thredson's secret?
The Foreigner
Characters trapped
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