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No description

CeCe Balman

on 12 December 2012

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Transcript of SMART GOAL 2010

Implement Scholastic Reading Counts! as RTI for students and teachers at Sunset. Sunset Middle School Label fiction & non-fiction
with Lexile level
and Reading Counts!
points information. Heritage M.S. Color Coding
Mackin Labels
Parent Volunteers Ben Mikaelsen's
Author Visit Funding Bowl-A-Rama - "Bowling for Ben"
Sunset Spirit Wear Ben’s presentations are intensive and motivational, and are tailored to specific ages. Ben requires that each student attending his talk read or have had read to them at least one of his books. Being familiar with the author’s work is what makes the magical connection between the story and the creation of that story. to Ben’Mikaelsen’s Visit Day Find a friend and dress up as a pair….like Elliot & Vincent in Countdown….or salt & pepper…ketchup & mustard…
or simply dress alike. Monday: Countdown Breakfast with ELL Students
2 Student Presentations- "Becoming the Author of Your Life"
Lunch with "Serious Aspiring Writer's"
Staff Presentation-"An Author's Life" Spirit Days! Fall SRI Testing 34% Advanced
38% Proficient
18% Partially Proficient
9% Below Basic Student & Teacher Implementation Student & Teacher Training Access accounts
Take Fall SRI Test
Use Lexile sore a guide for book selection
In Lab Class, set goals according to rubric
Fill out "Book Bite" Quiz ticket
Take Reading Counts! quizzes to meet goals • Manage school data collection, teacher rosters & student accounts
• Train staff to use SAM & students to utilize RC!
• SRI test all students in October, January & May Mid-Year SRI
Testing 41% Advanced
35% Proficient
15% Partially Proficient
9% Below Basic # of Quizzes Taken: 2,292
# of Quizzes Passed: 1,757 # of Quizzes Taken: 2,903
# of Quizzes Passed: 2,274 Preparation The Sunset Middle School Library Learning Commons strives to be the heart and information hub of the school. Because Sunset is committed to academic excellence, we support teaching, learning, and inquiry in an intellectually and culturally open environment. We encourage the use of both traditional and new information technologies that reinforce standards-based curriculum and enhance lifelong learning. The Data • SRI test all students in October, January & May
• Analyze student data Celebrations! Students have read 4031 books...which averages to almost 7 books read per student.
Students have read a total of 280,374,278 words to date!
Circulation of books in the Library has nearly doubled!
We have witnessed many "Literacy Miracles" as students have been turned on to reading! We look forward to our Spring SRI data! Promotion Reading Counts!
Book Fair
Book Talks
Wheel of WOW!
Spirit Days
Book Sales
Screen Casting Bowl-A-Rama Bowling for Ben! Ben Mikaelsen talks to Sunset's ELL students about his struggles growing up in South America. All ELL students read Ben's book, Sparrow Hawk Red, prior to his visit. Got a STRIKE?
Spin to win a "Ben Book"! Red Day in honor of Sparrow Hawk Red & Red Midnight. Countdown to Ben Mikaelsen's Visit Dress in Pairs...
Like Elliott and Vincent in Ben's book, Countdown. Highest % of GT/Advanced Students Highest % of Latino Students Not Proficient 36% of Students are At-Risk
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