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President Cleveland, Where Are You?

No description

Olivia Hailey

on 25 October 2013

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Transcript of President Cleveland, Where Are You?

President Cleveland, Where Are You?

Armand knew of boys that had Grover Cleveland cards in the North Side, which was just what Jerry needed.
Jerry- the main character who collected cowboy cards, then president cards

Roger Lussier- Jerry's best friend who also collected cards

Rollie Tremaine- a rich kid who also collected cards

Armand- Jerry's brother that is in love with a girl from the North Side
Jerry, Roger, and Rollie are looking for a card to complete a card set to win a baseball glove signed by Lefty Grove.
Event #1
Jerry saves 35¢ for cowboy cards, and then his brother corners him and ask for money to help out with their father's birthday present. He gives up 5¢ of his precious money.

This story took place during the Great Depression.
Event #2
Jerry goes to where he gets the cards, only to find Roger and Rollie looking depressed. They tell him that the company will no longer be making cowboy cards, only president cards.
Event #3
Jerry tries to use his money that he originally was gonna use for cowboy cards, to help out with his father's birthday present, but he was too late.
Event #4
The cowboy cards are quickly forgotten and the boys now have their minds set on president cards. And then Jerry discovers a love letter that Armand has written to a girl from the North Side.
Event #5
All three boys have a completed set of cards except the Grover Cleveland card, meanwhile Armand's girlfriend asked him to escort her to a dance, but he doesn't have enough money to buy her a corsage or new shoes for himself.
Event #6
Jerry gets the card from a boy from the North Side, and then sells it to Rollie Tremaine for $5. He then gives the money to Armand to buy what he needed to escort his girlfriend.
Jerry goes to the North Side
and finds the boys that have
the Grover Cleveland cards
and trades one of his cards
for the card he
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