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No description

Emy Lopez

on 5 June 2014

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Transcript of Orientation

Welcome New Teachers!

Discuss the following questions:

1. How might the community influence student learning?

2. How does my student and school population compare to the community’s makeup?

Evidence: Upload "Community Connection (A-6)" Document

Instructional Environment
Take a look at your current classroom layout and/or seating chart.

Discuss with your Support Provider what is working and what you would like to improve upon.

Explore the Teacher Toolkit: Classroom Layout Ideas

Evidence: Upload "Instructional Environment (A-2) Document

CSTP Standard 2.2 Checkpoint!

Fresno County
Superintendent of Schools
Mr. Jim Yovino
Context for Teaching & Learning

Activity: About Me
Students: Class Profile

Why is student data important?

What data do you currently collect about your students? Is it helpful? Why or why not?

Evidence: Upload Class Profile (A-1) Document

CSTP Standard 5.3 Checkpoint!

1. Meet with your SP to determine upcoming training dates you will attend together. Calendar is located in front of the FACT User's Guide.

2. We will be out at school sites to observe very soon.

3. Grant Opportunity for New Teachers - Take a flyer!

4. Don't forget to complete the Induction Program Entrance Form.

5. For those interested in the ECO option, please stay after.

6. Teacher Task List - Read it & be prepared for next meeting!

How to Effectively Use an IEP to Improve Instruction

By Tangee Pinheiro

CSTP Standard 3.6 Checkpoint!
Teachers: Stay here!
Support Providers: Room 101T
Our purpose is to advance beginning teachers on their journey to become innovative practitioners for all 21st century students.

Why is knowing your district and school site data important?

Using DataQuest to locate the "School Quality Snapshot"
Handout located in your Teacher Toolkit Binder
Teacher Toolkit
Choose ONE Option
Option A: District/School
Option B: Instructional Environment
Option C: Class Profile
1. Be Present
2. Demonstrate Professionalism
3. Be Open to Change
Context for Teaching & Learning
Turn to page 14
Due by October 25, 2013
FACT User's Guide
Teacher Toolkit
Add your name to front cover
Find Continuum of Teaching Practice (BTSA/CESIP tab)
Turn to page 42, CSTP 6.3
Digital Portfolio
Please visit: www.fcoe.org/btsa
click on Digital Portfolio
Taking Care of Business
1. Determine joint meeting attendance & any optional professional development.

2. Teachers: Sign your induction form and roles & responsibilities form. Turn in both forms to appropriate boxes in back of room.

4. Support Providers: Sign your roles & responsibilities form. Turn in both forms to appropriate boxes in back of room.
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