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mark lille

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Temperature

temprature is the average amount of energy in the molecules of a substance which means how hot or cold an object is TEMPERATURE a theremomiter is used to measure temperature. it works by using a liquid bulb. since liquid expand when heated and contract when cooled it goes up and down heat can be transfered in 3 diffrent ways.

temprature can be measured in faringheight and celcius
radiation- heat you feel from the sun comes in radiation
conduction-when a fast moving molecule bumps a slower moving molecule it transfers some of its energy. when your barefoot on hot sand. convection- transfer of heat through a fluid. 32 degrees faringheifht is fr freezing is 0 dergees celcius and 32 degrees faringheight we use temprature in our lives a lot in weather and thing. it is very important
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