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The Power of the Tides

No description

Lucy Wood

on 29 September 2014

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Transcript of The Power of the Tides

From turning on the heat, to getting a drink of water, energy plays an essential part in our lives. We are quickly using up our precious resources such as coal and oil, and we need to find a greener way. We need to cut down on our CO2 emissions and find an energy source that can last. The answer: Tidal Power.
Annapolis Royal Generating Station
Near Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia, there is a tidal power plant. Built in 1984,
It produces 20 megawatts which is enough energy to power about 6,200 houses a year.
This station uses the tidal difference between the Bay of Fundy and the Annapolis Basin. Here is a diagram of the generating station:
How Does Tidal Power Work?
In September, officials approved the building of another power plant in Scotland.
In Spring 2015, there will be construction of a 240 megawatt plant in Swansea, UK.
There are plans for 30 tidal turbines to be installed in the East River by 2015.
Our planet needs to find a greener way to make electricity. One of them is tidal power, which uses generators and the ocean's tide to make energy in a renewable way. For our generation and future generations to come, we need to educate people on alternative energy sources. And one of these sources is Tidal Power!
History of Tidal Power
This is one of the oldest forms of energy. The first evidence of tidal energy use goes back to 900 A.D..
At one time there were 750 tidal mills along the coast of the Atlantic. 300 in North America, 200 in the British Isles and 100 in France.
The first records of tidal mills was in Europe 400 years ago.
The Power of the Tides

By Judith Witke-Mele and Lucy Wood
This is a short video of how tidal power works.
Plans to Create More Tidal Power Stations
Also, here is a diagram:



Riding the Waves, Earth Island Journal copyright 2014
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