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Roman Empire Review

No description

Tag Green

on 28 January 2013

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Transcript of Roman Empire Review

Roman Empire, Part II Domitian
81 A.D. Nerva
96 A.D. Trajan
98 A.D. Hadrian
117 A.D. Antoninus Pius
138 A.D. Marcus Aurelius
161 A.D. Commodus
180 A.D. Septimius Severus
193 A.D. Diocletian
284 A.D. Constantine
306 A.D. GOOD OR BAD? BAD! "No, not even a fly!"
- Domitian's servant GOOD OR BAD? GOOD! Nerva died after reigning only two years. GOOD OR BAD? GOOD! The people of Rome wished that each emperor would be
"as great as Augustus and as good as Trajan." Accomplishments: * Conquered Dacia and expanded the borders of the Empire.

* Added Armenia and Mesopotamia to the Empire.

* Built fine roads, canals, and bridges.

* Beautified the Circus Maximus. Trajan's Column celebrated
Trajan's victory in Dacia Trajan Forum included temples and libraries GOOD OR BAD? GOOD! He traveled through the Empire to make sure
that people were justly governed. Hadrian's wall prevented fierce tribes from the north from invading Roman settlements. Hadrian is buried in Hadrian's Mole, known today as the Castle of St. Angelo. GOOD OR BAD? GOOD! He gave orders that Christians should be allowed
to practice their religion without interference. GOOD OR BAD? GOOD! “To waste time is one of the greatest crimes.” * Gave the Senate a great deal of power.* Gave the people rights and privileges that former emperors had removed.* He was a brave and able general and gained many victories. Accomplishments: Accomplishments: * He was very industrious and never wasted his time.* He established good schools and hospitals.* He assisted the poor in earning a better living.* He gave great encouragement to art and literature. Troubles: * During his reign, Rome experienced a flood, earthquakes, and fires.* There were also many wars, particularly with the Parthians and the Quadi.* His wife and son caused him anxiety and sorrow. GOOD OR BAD? BAD! GOOD OR BAD? BAD! GOOD OR BAD? BAD! His division of the Roman Empire into
eastern and western halves determined
the subsequent history of
Europe and the Middle East. Accomplishments: * He attempted to control inflation through the Edict of Maximum Prices.

* He did away with the republican government.

* He greatly increased the size of the army.

* He organized the Empire into a system of dioceses and prefectures.

* He constructed massive baths in Rome. Diocletian allowed his reputation to be stained when he allowed Caesar Galerius to implement a ferocious persecution of Christians.
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