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Finland Sports

Finland Sports

Elly Knaggs

on 25 May 2010

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Transcript of Finland Sports

Finland Sports
By: Elly Knaggs Football Football was brought to Finland by English sailors in the 1890's.
It's not the most popular sport for adults like in most of the other countries in Europe.
For children 3 to 18, it is the most popular sport.
The ranking of football is increasing, especially among girls and women.
The yearly growth rate has been over 10% in the last few years.
Nearly 400,000 people say football is one of their favorite hobbies.
Rugby First rugby game in Finland happened in 1982 against Switzerland.
Rugby is a growing sport in Finland.
Many native Finns', including women, have been joining rugby teams.
In 2001, there were only 2 registered rugby teams.
In 2002 the 1st league started which included 5 teams. Pasepallo The national sport in Finland is Pesapallo.
Pesapallo is translated into the American word baseball: Pesa is base and Pallo is ball.
Pesapallo is a combination of old Finnish and European games played with bats and balls
It was developed in 1922 and is now a modern day sport.
It also is a popular summer spectator sport.
All the people in Finland play pesapallo where ever they can. Motorsport Motorsport became popular in Finland in the 1950s.
The most popular form of motorsport in Finland is Formula One.
Formula one is the highest class of single seater auto racing.
In the 1960s, Finnish rally drivers started to come out on top and dominate international events.
Finland is the most successful nation in the World Rally Championship. (WRC)
One important rally in Fnland is the Neste Oil Rally Finland. It brings about 500,000 spectators together each year. Cricket Cricket is a growing sport in Finland.
There are about 10 teams; 300 male players, 30 female players, and 20 qualified coaches.
Cricket was first played in the 1960s, but wasn't fully organized until the 1970s.
When cricket is played, there are 2 teams of 11 players each.
The Finnish Cricket Association makes the rules and over looks all the teams and everything else that has to do with cricket in Finland.
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