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Unit #7: Stop-Motion Animation

No description

Mrs. Trinh

on 18 October 2018

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Transcript of Unit #7: Stop-Motion Animation

Stop-Motion Animation
Other uses of stop motion?
Commercials/Product Marketing
What is Stop-Motion Animation?
Practice Activity
Music Videos
1) Get in your groups (2-4)
2) Get project package and begin
3) Choose lego, toy, or clay as your main animating material
4) Brainstorm what you need to bring in for characters/and or other props and background materials) Note down reminders in agendas (lego can be stored in vis com room)
5) Fill in project package thoroughly.

In preparation for your upcoming unit project, you will create a 24 frame animation using everyday objects or with human bodies. You may work in groups of 2-3
Example of items:
Vis Com 7

Please get your journal and answer the following questions:
1) What are you seeing? What is this called?

2) How is movement being
The technique of photographing successive drawings or positions of objects or models to create an illusion of movement when the movie is shown as a sequence.
The 2 most popularized types of animation

1) cartoon animation (successive drawings)

2) stop-motion animation (materials/objects/models)
The Evolution of Animation
Flipbook Activity
Using EXACTLY 24 frames, you will create a mini animation using the flipbook method.
STEP 1: Think of an idea. Think of something or someone you'd like to animate in your drawing. Keep it simple, you only have 24 frames.

STEP 2: Using pens/pencils/colouring pencils, draw your animation on your 24 pieces of paper. KEEP THEM IN ORDER

STEP 3: Take a photo of EACH frame. Make sure your photos are clear.

You will be marked out of 10 on the following:
-clarity of photos
-good flow and pacing
-animation is smooth rather than choppy
What is so special about stop-motion films? What is it about this technique that people really enjoy in comparison to regular cartoon movies? Imagine if the lego movie was done in complete cartoon and animated all digitally, instead of stop-motion with actual lego figurines?
Stop-motion animation is movement that is captured
frame at time, with physical objects that are moved between frames. When you play back the
of images rapidly, it creates the
illusion of movement.
Journal Entry of the Day:
Describe some pros and some cons of using lego for stop-motion.

Describe some pros and some cons of using clay for stop-motion.
In contrast with stop-motion animation, where everything is done by hand, CG (computer generated) is technology that animates characters all on the computer.
Stop-Motion Unit Project
*Due date: to be determined
Using what you know know about stop-motion, you will create a short
stop-motion film in groups of 2-4. You will be animating lego, toys, or clay.

When the films are completed, ALL films will be showcased in class. =)
Tell me everything you know about STOP-MOTION ANIMATION. If you don't know, make a prediction! Give examples.
What is stop-motion animation?
Stop-Motion Introduction Activity
Vine/GIF short animations
*repeated animation
Using www.freegifmaker.me

Create animations with a maximum of 48 photos. Save and upload to your website!

We will be creating mini animations for the next week. You are encouraged to create as many as you'd like. Be creative. Try different things. Try involving your interests.
If you are finished editing and exporting your movie, work on the following:
1) Create a movie poster for your stop-motion film

2) Create a stop-motion video introducing Vis Com 7s to the use of cameras.

-How to and how NOT to handle a camera
-what vis com is about
-Basic skills to become a better photographer
-composition basics (Rule of thirds, leading lines)
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