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Brake Lathe

No description

Tobi Ayankojo

on 12 September 2013

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Transcript of Brake Lathe

Shop Safety
Through this presentation, I will be teaching you about some facts in regards to the brake lathe, and how to effectively use it, by answering your questions.
Enjoy the presentation.
What is the name of the equipment and its purpose in the shop?
The name of the equipment, is the brake lathe.
A brake lathe gets rid of noise and vibration problems, and most of the time adds to the life of brake systems.
Two types of brake lathes are: 1, the on-car lathe which is installed in the same position as the caliper, copying the movement of the wheels based on the car's calibrations, which gives the best accurate resurfacing.
2, the off-car lathe which provides acceptable resurfacing but might damage the rotor beyond resurfacing when at its worst.
What is the name of the ..... continued
Examples of manufacturers and styles and costs.
The Hunter Engineering company, Babco equip, and R.J. West manufacture Brake Lathes
As mentioned earlier, the Brake Lathes come in two styles, the on-car lathe and the off-car lathe.
The cost for The ranger RL-8500 Brake Lathe, precision combination disc and drum lathe costs $5,715.00
The ranger RL-8500XLT Brake Lathe, heavy-duty combination brake lathe costs $6,435.00
Examples of manufacturers... continued
When is a brake lathe used?
A brake lathe is used when thickness variations on the rotor needs to be fixed
This is caused by chronic, uneven contact of the brake pad on the rotor surface or rust on the rotor surface.
Are there any qualifications required to operate the brake lathe?
Based on the research that I did, there are no qualifications needed to operate the brake lathe.
But the only thing is to follow the instructions that are given in the manual so as to safely operate the brake lathe.
What are some of the skills or training needed for operation?
For operational use, one needs to know how to mate the lathe to the vehicle, even if it is 4 wheel drive.
Be able to remove the axle to eliminate possibility of lock-up, just in case the vehicle has a locking, floating axle.
Learn the proper Lathe setup
Learn the machining process
For more info visit http://www.procutinternational.com/pdf/pfmtrainingguide.pdf
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How to operate a Brake Lathe
Brake Lathe Safety precautions
Do not touch the surface of the drum or rotor while the lathe is turning to check for surface smoothness.
A drum or rotor that manufacturer says is undersized should be tossed out.
While using the lathe, wear a face shield or safety goggles.
After turning off the brake lathe, permit it to stop on its own.
Don't remove any safety equipment from the lathe, such as the belt guards.
Don't overload the lathe
Do not wear loose clothing, jewelry, or gloves while working around a lathe.
For more info visit, http://www.nytechsupply.com/downloads/brake_lathes_operation_manual/ammco_7000_operation_manual.pdf

How to operate a brake lathe
Brake Lathe Safety precautions continued
Not enough space between machines, no power disconnect switch for each machine.
Serious injuries have been caused to workers who attempted to brake the spindle of their lathes by putting one hand against an unguarded belt pulleys.
Injuries due to flying chips are common, because of the absence of hinged or sliding covers
Serious injuries have been cause to operators who wore loose clothing or untied hair.
Loose carrier pin within the clutch might cause thw lathe to start rotating when the operator is adjusting a workpiece in the chuck.
For more info visit, http://www.ilo.org/oshenc/part-xiii/metal-processing-and-metal-working-industry/metal-processing-and-metal-working/item/679-lathes
What are some causes of injuries caused by brake lathes?
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