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My Background

No description

Amayo Bassey

on 12 March 2014

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Transcript of My Background

"Pay It Forward" Initiative: My International Experiences by Amayo Bassey
My Journey
My Background
Born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria
Went to Loyola Jesuit College, Abuja "Service of God and Others" - Where my interest in giving back began
Choosing Villanova
Involvement in the International Business Society
Member of the Service Learning Community since sophomore year
My International and Service Experiences
My first service trip through Villanova was to Kingston, Jamaica
We visited elderly homes, a children's hospital, and a kindergarten school in an impoverished area
Felt so welcome and at home, I felt like I was in the right place
Semester Abroad
Spent Fall 2012 in Hong Kong
Got to travel to the Philippines
Interned at Friends Provident, and at Magnolia's Private Kitchen
Studied the language, history and culture
Volunteered through HandsOn Hong Kong at a transitional home
Hong Kong
The DR
PwC Project Belize
Pay It Forward-sponsored trip to the Dominican Republic
To serve the Haitian population living and working in the sugar cane fields
Haitians are forced to live in scattered rural communities called Bateys
Many are denied reasonable pay and healthcare
What shocked me wasn’t the standard of living; it was their general ostracism from society.
Even though many were born in the DR, they aren't considered Dominicans
Because I'm not a nurse, I was lucky to do a variety of things on this trip.
First day was spent doing construction work at a church
First direct contact with Dominican society
Highly patriarchal (as expected)
My second day was spent at a local hospital
Sat in on a few hysterectomies and tubal ligations
Exposed to issues of family planning, abuse
These surgeries were a way of regaining control
Volunteered at a before-school program through Esperanza Int'l
I was very inspired by the facilitator of the programme, Ameena
We had to go house to house to summon the children
Later that day, I also helped with water filter inspections
It was interesting to see how many people didn't use theirs
I eventually got to see our Villanova nurses at work
One of my last days was spent at one batey where the nurses provided healthcare for kids and adults.
I was more than impressed by our student nurses
Ticket To Give Trip to Peru
Lessons I've Learnt.
Orphanage Trip
Spent some time at an orphanage playing with the kids and learning from their caretakers.
Sow a seed. Give Back. Pay It Forward
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