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Mean Girls Leadership Project

Movie Project for CMST 393

Bradley Chee

on 6 December 2013

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Transcript of Mean Girls Leadership Project

Leadership and Power
Leadership and Influence
Mean Girls
Ethical Leadership and Followership
Transformational & Charismatic Leadership
- Standards of Moral Conduct
- Cast a light or shadow?
- Ethical leadership is important
- Unethical leadership has negative results
- All leaders exert influence
- Great power comes great responsibility
Leadership in Organizations
foundation for successful influence
Building Credibility
Self representation behavior
physical appearance
Access to more Information
Lying & Deception
Inconsistent Treatment
Elements of Organizational culture
Coercive Power
Reward Power
Legitimate Power
Referent Power
- More knowledge -> More ethical dilemmas
- Problems with information management
- Deny having info in their possession
- Gather data that violates privacy
- Deception is used to further personal interest
- Lying damages relationships
- Lower reputation, trust, credibility
- Mistreatment, unfair treatment = voids between leaders and followers
- Lose loyalty
Kant's Categorical Imperative
- Doing what's morally right no matter the consequence or repercussion
- Followers will follow
- Lead by example
- Critical for followers
- Challenge leaders if destructive behavior arises
- Leave if leader's actions conflict with values of group or organization
- Ethical choices based on consequences
- Good decisions = advantages
- Bad decisions = disadvantages
5 sets of behaviors to foster trustworthiness:
1. behavioral consistency
2. behavioral integrity
3. sharing and delegation of control
4. communication
5. demonstration of concern
1. Shared meaning
2. Language
3. Stories and myths
4. Dress and physical appearance
Rites and Rituals
Pygmalian effect
When pygmalian goes wrong...
Ms Norbury
Inspiring Others
Emerging Leader
The Queen Bee
Regina George
Cady Heron
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