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F. Scott Fitzgerald: The Great Gatsby

a presentation about the famous novel 'The Great Gatsby' from F. Scott Fitzgerald

孙 奕

on 10 February 2015

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Transcript of F. Scott Fitzgerald: The Great Gatsby

1. About the Author
About the Novel
3. The Language
2. The Novel

St. Paul Academy
catholic Newman School in Lakewood
Princeton University
Publisher Scribners
*24. September 1896 in Minnesota
embodied Jazz-Age
4. The Time
The 1920´s
"Jazz Age"
After shock and chaos of World War I:
enjoyed unprecedented levels of prosperity

Eighteenth Amendment: made millionaires out of bootleggers

increase in organized crime
unrestrained materialism
lack of morality
"roaring" 1920s
Thank you for your attention

† 21. December 1940 ->2 heart attacks
alcohol addicted, because his newest book released earned little success
used his time only for writing
Great Gatsby not a great success
F. Scott Fitzgerald: The Great Gatsby

Meyer Wolfshiem
Jewish friend of Gatsby's
decribed as a gambler
who fixed the world series
only two appeareances

Jay Gatsby,
young millionaire,
shady business man,
holds extravagant parties,
feels lonely
from North Dakota,
obsessed with Daisy Buchanan,
WW I. veteran
Nicholas 'Nick' Carraway
fp narrator
WW I. veteran
Gatsby's nextdoor neighbor

Daisy Buchanan
young woman
Nick's second cousin
the wife of Tom Buchanan
Choice between Tom and Gatsby is one central conflict

Thomas 'Tom' Buchanan
former football star
Daisy's husband
Jordan Baker
Daisy' longtime friend
Nick's Girlfriend
shady reputation
Myrtle Wilson
George's wife
accidentally killed after being
hit by a car driven by Daisy
George B. Wilson
garage owner
disliked by Tom and his wife
shoots and kills Gatsby
wrongly beliving he had been
driving the car that killed
his wife
kills himself
Plot summary
The language
Main themes
F. Scott Fitzgerald: The Great Gatsby
source: yahoo answers

deals with humans aspiration to start over again

social poitics and its brutality

betrayal of one's own ideals an of people

excesses of the riches

criticises American Dream
lyrical or poetical style
uses devices chiefly associated with writers like Shakespeare
Fitzgerald uses the stress and rhythm of poetry to create a more dramatic and emphatic atmosphere
style of narration not chronological
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