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Copy of Moral Lessons in Othello

No description

Kelsea Johnson

on 10 January 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Moral Lessons in Othello

Moral Lessons in Othello
By: Kelsea Johnson
What are morals?
Moral of a story
Lesson learned
Point the author is trying to make
morals in Othello?
You can't believe everything you're told because you can't trust everyone!
Self doubt can easily drive one to the point of insanity.
There are two of them!
"Don't believe everything you're told because you can't trust everyone"
Othello vs Iago
Pg. 157- "The Moor's mind has already become infected with my poisonous suggestions."
Manipulation made possible by ignorant trust
Who can you trust?
"self doubt can easily drive one to the point of insanity"
Othello vs Self
Pg. 151- "Maybe because I'm black, and I don't have nice manners like courtiers do, or because I'm getting old- but that's not much-She's gone, and I've been cheated on."
Pg. 277- "You liar, you're turning my heart to stone, and making me call what I'll do murder, when I had been thinking of it as a sacrifice! I saw the handkerchief."
Driven to the point of insanity
Pg. 151- "This Iago is extremely honest and good, and he knows a lot about human behavior."
Who cares about the morals in othello?
Very relatable
Self doubt, deceit, betrayal, and lack of trust are common in everyday life.
so what?
Watch out for the "Iago's" in real life
Learn from Othello's mistakes
Avoid becoming an "Iago"
You are now a little wiser than you were before you read Othello.
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