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Hamlet Act II Scene 2

No description

Thomas Wheeler

on 19 January 2018

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Transcript of Hamlet Act II Scene 2

To review and evaluate the question set for work yesterday.
A Long Scene
There are a
of characters in Act II scene ii - How many come and go over the course of the scene?

How many are trying to get something out of Hamlet?
Different Factions
The King & Queen


Rosencrantz and Guildenstern

The Actors
Your Group
You will have been assigned one of these 4 factions.

You need to answer (with support) the following quesions:

Agent or Instrument?
So, which groups are successful?

Is Hamlet successful?
What The Question Boils Down to
From Act II Scene ii can we answer:

Kurt Sutter
The trap in Hamlet is he's the most passive of Shakespeare's characters. He's not a Richard III, not out there taking a lot of action. It's a lot of asides and soliloquies where he's wrapped in angst, and that's not a very interesting character.

Hamlet Act II Scene 2
Lesson Objective
Instrument or Agent?
Please submit your pieces now!
What do they want from Hamlet?
Are they successful?
What does Hamlet want from them?
Is he successful?
Do you agree?
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