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Soap Carving

No description

Emma Garcia

on 9 December 2013

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Transcript of Soap Carving

Tools Used to Carve Soap:
How it Started:
During preparations for a major Thai festival called Loi Kratong, a servant of the King called Nang Noppamart was thinking about how she could improve on her Kratong. She carved soap into one of her favorite flowers to make it more beautiful. A Kratong is a decoration, lit with a candle, that floats on water.
Where it Came From:
The Art of soap carving first originated, about 700 years ago using Siam Soap. Siam Soap carving started in Sukothai, Thailand. Sukothai was Thailand's original capital from 1240 to 1530.
Soap Carving
In the Round
Subtractive process of sculpting where the material is cut away from the image.
The material used in a work of art. In carving, various mediums are used such as stone, bone, wood, soap and even fruits and vegetables.
Positive Space
Negative Space
The solid object of a sculpture.
The empty space left between the pieces and also the background.

Irregular shapes using the combination of edges that are curved or angular. Shapes that are found in nature.
Organic Shapes
Geometric Shapes

Regular shapes such as squares, circles, triangles, spirals, zigzags, etc.
Volumes that are strongly projected from the background.
Volumes extending only slightly from the background.
High Relief
Low Relief
An "In the Round" sculpture is free- standing on a base and can be viewed from all sides.
Here are tools I used to carve soap.
Here are the supplies you will be using today.
Emma Garcia ;)
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