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Lena Horne

No description

Ashley Barker

on 21 January 2014

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Transcript of Lena Horne

Lena Horne
By Ashley Barker

What Instruments did
she play and what awards has she gotten?
Musicians Influenced by
Lena Horne
Stormy Weather The life of Lena Horne By James Gavin

This report is on the very talented musician, Lena Horne! Lena Horne is a very successful musician and a very talented singer. She was a actress. She also started her career by dancing and later on she started to sing. She also stared in movies like The Wiz, Stormy Weather and also Till the clouds roll by. In the movie Stormy Weather she made her number one hit song Stormy weather. I am sure you all have heard it! It was produced in 1943, and that is also when the movie came out. Her career was five decades long! She has won Grammys, Tonys and was awarded the highest NAACP'S. I hope you will enjoy my report!

Lena Mary Calhoun Horne was born on June 30, 1917 in Brooklyn, New York. When Lena was 3 her parents split. Their names were Teddy and Edna. After their split Lena lived with her grandmother Cora. A couple years later she was going to Brooklyn girls high. At the age of 16 Cora died of a Asthma attack. So Lena decided to go to Anna Jones dance school.
When she was done with high school she joined the Chours of the Cotten Club. When she was in New York she joined Brodway plays such as Cabin in the Sky. Then she started to sing in bands. In 1940 a bandleader named Charlie Benet Hired her as a vocalist . During that time she wrote another song called Good For Nothing Joe. During that time she was married to Louis Jones who was a preacher. They had children and their names are Gail and Teddy. But in 1944 they got a divorce and she went
back to hollywood.

Lena Horne never played any instruments. So she is a vocalist. A vocalist is someone that just sings and like I said does not play any instruments. Also one of her many talents is to sing and dance at the same time! It is very hard to do that and takes alot of practice. She also won 8 Grammy's and One of her awards is for Best cast show album and that album was Lena Horne " The Lady In Her Music." Lena
Horne has won a lot of awards
over the years she has
been a singing.
Some of the Musicians that were Influenced by Lena Horne are Alicia Keys who tweeted this when she died, "Wow Lena Horne! what a incredible woman and a story triumph! May we all know that life is a journey of possibility as long as we hang on." Diddy Also tweated this about Lena Horne, "QUEEN LENA HORNE! We thank you for all of the doors you have opened! WE LOVE YOU!
The Death of Lena Horne

Lena Horne Died on May 9, 2010 in New York New York. She Died at the age of 92. She died of Heart failure wich is when your heart can't pump enought blood to the rest of your body. She was a very good person. She also wowed us with her great singing talent. All in all Lena Horne was a great actress, singer and dancer.
Lena Horne wowed us every time she sang one of her songs. She also had fun and had a great time were ever she went. I am so lucky that I was able and I choose to do Lena Horne for my Music/ Jazz project. I think it was very fun how she had a passion to make her dreams come true. She also admired Broadway plays and loved to dance. Even thought some of her childhood was difficult she still made it to the top and had fun with her life. All in all we miss Lena Horne very much and wish she was still here with us.
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