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Media evaluation

L2g Production presents Vision

Georgina Wilkinson

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Media evaluation


Vision Task 1 Task 2 Task 3 Task 4 Task 5 Task 6 Task 7 In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? (i.e. of film openings)

For the title of our film, we decided on an idea, after doing research, that most people watching the film will have a vision of a goal they want to achieve in life - 'Their Vision'.

The setting we finally chose to film our piece had to be somewhere superior compaired to the dance studio in another scene. We chose the stage at Bingley Grammar School because it was grand and already had the spot lights attached to the celling and curtains set up to show a dream like atmosphere. This would look magnificant compaired to the grubby dance studio in reality.

By doing our research we knew what costumes we needed, the usual ballet style and leggings with a plain strappy top. This would give a young teenage fashionable image to appeal to all types of classes.

The editing needed to be continuity and flow smoothly. We took most of our time on editing to make the perfect opening sequence. We used transitions on Adobe Premiere to give it a more professional look. For the camera work we did the close ups and other angle shots seperatly and editied them together, so it was more camera skills then editing.

The story is how a girl goes from a dancer in a small town in a grubby dance studio, and she is trying to reach her dream of becoming a west end performer. Therefore the first scene is her in a dream on a large stage dancing alone. When she wakes up in her grotty bedroom again and heads to the grubby dance studio to do more dancing. Here her friends take digs at her for spending so much time in the studio practising.

The main character is introduced straight away when she is in a dream then wakes up, we know that the film will be all about her. The other characters are introduced by talking to the main character and by dancing with her.
How does your media product represent particular social groups?
In the screen grab of Josie and the character from Step Up, you can see the resembelence in the apperance such as the hair style which is down and wavy. You can see from the screen grab that the two girls are wearing pink strappy tops and leggings. This shows that the normal character for dance films are young and pretty. The only difference between the two girls is that the character from Step Up is not the main character, but in our piece Josie is.
In this screen grab of Josie and the main character from Honey, you can see in the facial expressions the determination and passion for dance. We also followed some of the dance style from Honey and put it into our piece, this is shown in this screen grab by the same arm movements.
What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?
For our production company we decided to use our enitials of the three members in the group. We thought that seen as two began with the letter 'L' and mine 'G' we decided to use this and came up with L2G.

A production company can be many different things from selling its product to film studios to raising funding for the film. The company is normally responsible for development of the product. Commonly actors form their own production companys so that they will then have a stronger say in their careers.

A distubuter is an organisation or a set of organisations who are involved in the process of making a product or service available for use or consumption by a consumer or business user.

For our film we would have wrote to the film companys around our area and show the ideas we have and the storyboard. We would send this to many companys around the area to get funding for our film to be produced.

The titles at the end of our piece are of the three group members. I am director of the piece and this is presented by a freeze frame in the dance, we chose to do this with the other two titles for Producer and editer.

Our film is very much like Step Up, Chicago and Footloose which are the main films that have been released.

Our film would be for the mass audience of teenage girls all across the country, which would bring in huge profits. This would mean that our film can be a high budget film as it will appeal to different girls across the world.
Who would be the audience for your media product? This is what i imagine an audience member would look like, and around her is the type of things she loves to do.

Young teenage girls/young adults - aged 14-25.
Girls into dance.
Girls who like new up beat music.
Girls into the new trends and fashions.
Girls who are into other dance films.
Girls into chick flicks.
Task 5 How did you attract/address your audience?
Task 6 What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?
This is the camera which we used to film all our piece and the priliminary piece.

The camera is a Cannon Legria FS200.

For the use of the equipment we had to email our teacher and book the camera and stands that we needed, when we needed to film and when we needed to edit so we could capture the footage.
This is the tripod which we used. We used this to get our shots still, and so that the camera does not wobble whilst filming. We used this for all the shots, including the close ups.

This is a closer picture of the tripod without the camera on. Here you can see the handle which is how we moved the camera around so we got smoother shots than hand held.

Task 7 Looking back at your preliminary task (the continuity editing task), what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to full product?
This image shows how we started both sequences with a close up on somebodys body part i.e Hand and feet. This image shows the long shots we used to show the type of style the character is. It also sets the scene. The difference between the two projects shows the shadowing which we used lighting for in the final project and the how clear the shot it, however in the priliminary task the shots are not as clear and neither is the sound. These shots show the match on action. We used the editing to cut in parts which we filmed of close ups to make the piece flow, and so can see it from all angles. The final piece flows much better due to editing than the priliminary task due to becoming more familiar to the programme we used. This shot shows a two shot of the two main characters in both pieces, both having a conversation during the piece. In the final piece we had different shots from different angles to show the two characters moving around in an argument, this shows match on action. However in the first task we didnt not have any other angles showing movement. The editing in the final piece progressed and this shows. To attract our audience to our final piece we firstly used upbeat music to draw attention. We used music which would be placed in the charts which teenagers or young adults listen to. The main characters were girls as the main audience memeber would be a teenage girl, who loves fashion and up to date with media.

The girls wear clothes which are in the fashion which are affordable for all classes, so that the audience can relate to the character. We used leggings as they are in fashion and are also what the dance industry wear.

The script was written for the audience of teenagers or young adults so that they would be able to understand the slang words and relate to what the girls in the film are doing.

We used catchy dance moves to draw the attention to the dance, as it is the genre we went for, not just a romantic comedy. We used sharp editing cuts to draw in the audience to the dance.

Evaluation - Vision

Georgina Wilkinson My main role in this production was Director To upload the video onto the blog we used youtube. This was very helpful as it was an easy way to upload and also for people to look at and give us feedback so we would improve. We used blogger to upload all of our research so that the teacher could see our progress. On our blog we also had deadlines so all would be able to see. It was useful to get ideas from other people and to also record our progress.
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