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A Wrinkle In Time

Evan, Shala, and Luisa's Prezi on A Wrinkle in Time.

Luisa Colapietro

on 24 May 2011

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Transcript of A Wrinkle In Time

Meg is a misfit high school student whose grades are falling because of her attitude and the fact that her father is gone. She always sticks up for her family. For example, when a student in her class talks badly about her little brother, she sends him crying and when her principal tries to talk to her about her father and tries to tell her how he is wrong, she proves HIM wrong. Mrs. Who is a strange friend of Mrs. Whatsit's who lives with her and Mrs. Which. She only speaks in quotes. Mrs. Whatsit is a strange old lady who lives in a house near the Murrys with Mrs. Who and Mrs.Which. The house is supposedly haunted. Charles Wallace is a very intelligent five year old who most people think is actually very stupid. He is the one who meets Mrs. Whatsit. Mrs. Murry is an average mother who lives in a house in the suburbs. Her children are Sandy, Dennys, Charles Wallace, and Meg. Her husband has been gone on a classified trip for the government. The story of a very intelligent five year old, a misfit high school girl, a popular teenage boy, and three very strange old women tessering in time and space. Mrs. Which is the oldest of Mrs. Whatsit's friends. She has trouble speaking because of that and she dresses in heavy black clotes (like a witch.) It was a dark and stormy night and Meg was laying down restlessly on her bed. She decides to go downstairs to the kitchen from her attic bedroom, and finds her five year old brother, Charles Wallace waiting for her. Soon, her mother also comes downstairs and soon after that, an odd old lady walks into their house and that's when the adventure begins. This story's theme is to always fight for the ones you love and that differences not only can be, but are good. This story is told in omniscent third person by the author, Madeleine L'Engle. A WRINKLE IN TIME 1.Good only always conquers evil in the movie.
3. I don't think everyone is a soul in a body.
8. The closest distance between two points isn't a straight line. After meeting Mrs. Whatsit, Who, Which, and Calvin, Meg and Charles Wallace must tesser to a distant planet, called Camazotz, to save their dad. The conflict of the story is Meg, Charles, Calvin, and the Mrs.Ws trying to fight the evils of the dark shadow which is consuming the entire universe. By EB, LC, SP Meg, Calvin, and Charles meet a ghastly man with evil red eyes after "landing" in the planet of Camazotz, which is taken over by the evil Dark Thing. They have to get past him in order to save their father. While trying to help, Charles Wallace is "hypnotized" by the Man with Red Eyes. After resisting IT and saving their father, Meg, Calvin, and the three Mrs. W's, tesser to a planet called Ixchel, where they rest and heal after their shaky experience. The beasts on Ixchel are very kind to the very strange group. Meg saves Charles Wallace on her own against IT and tessers to Earth. The Murrys and Calvin ended up hugging in Sandy and Dennys's garden. Mrs. Murry came out of the house and was surprised. Mrs. Whatsit and company appeared and told them, "Oh, my darlings, I'm sorry we dpn't have time to say goodbye to you properly. You see, we have to..." but they never learned what they had to do. Calvin is a popular high school boy who nobody excapt for Charles Wallace and Meg understand. They first meet him on their way to Mrs. Whatsit's house.
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