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A brief overview of our project so far


on 8 November 2012

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Transcript of EVS

Cameron Arrives 18/02/2012 EVS 'Youth for Environment' 2012-2013 Learning the ropes First Tasks February
- YEE Newsletter
- Mail-chimp
- Editing and Proof reading
- Preparations for Study Session in Strasbourg begin. The middle - Study Session completed
- Work on reports and publications
- Cameron Co-ordinates Newsletter
- Earth Day 2012
- Eco Campaign
- Oceans 2012
- On Arrival for Cam Natasha Arrives
15/05/2012 - Tamjdem Toulcuv Dvur
-New Secretary General
- Up-cycling Project Approved!
- Annual Meeting Preparations begin
- Natasha co-ordinates her first Newsletter Summer Time - Cameron and Natasha see
the Czech Republic
- Annual Meeting
- Follow up on Project applications
- Proof reading and design of 2 more publications
- YE "Give pedestrians
their city back!"
- Midterm training for Cam
- On arrival training for Natasha Previous volunteers Mathieu and Mercedes help new volunteer get settled into the office.
Cameron gets orientated with Prague life and culture YEE Office What We Do Toulcuv Dvur Admin work
Updating the website
Proof reading
Helping with Grant apps
communication with Network
Help prepare content for TC
Feed the cat
Cook for each other
Prepare newsletter
Contribute to Publications Horses
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