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Non-Conformist Vs. Conformist

No description

Monte O

on 13 April 2015

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Transcript of Non-Conformist Vs. Conformist

Non-conformist Vs. Conformist
Which would you rather..
Non conformist also choose to express themselves through clothing. Rather than wearing traditional attire many nonconformist of today choose to dress in provocative, revealing clothing or clothing that is simply out of this world.
Are You
a nonconformist?
How to Pay
Which would you rather...
Which would you rather...
One way non conformist choose to stand out is with hair. In order to stand out and make a statement, non conformist prefer to wear nontraditional hairstyles and/or colors such as gray, blue and pink.
by Mater Osueke
A non-conformist is a person who does not conform to the norms of society. They are people who instead of following what is consider traditional they pave their own path in life.
These are the the people we might consider weirdos, unusual and a rebel.
Are you a conformist, non conformist or you simply dont know?
Continue and play the game to find out...
In order to figure out if you are a conformist or non-conformist consider the upcomming examples and choose which best describes you and your personal views. Choose which you would rather do or wear.
Which side best describes you?
Would you rather wear a meat dress or a T- shirt and jeans??
Which would you rather wear?
A non- conformist would rather wear huge retro glasses also known as "Nerd-Glasses", other than the traditional frames of today.
A conformist would rater wear a "normal" glasses frame which is common with most people other than glasses that would be considered "weird".
Did you know a non conformist can slo express their non conformity through the type of glasses they wear?
Which one are you?
Which would you rather...
Even the type of piercings you have can be used to show non- conformity. Conformist wear traditional type ear rings such as peal and diamond ear rings while non-conformists would choose more extraordinary type ear rings such as gauges and stretchers.
Which do you
How have the readings inspired me:
Reading Civil Disobedience, Self-Reliance, and How to be a non-conformist have inspired me to think more open-minded. It has also showed me that not every one thinks that they have to be like everyone else and their reasoning behind that.
What I have learned about Conformity in our society:
I have learned that in today's society so many people have turned to non-conformity. For example boys with long hair and tight pants or people who wear gauges etc. So many people have turned to non-conformity that I wonder if it is still consider "non-conformity" since it is what everyone is doing.
How does Conformist/non-conformist apply to me:
When considering today's society and how everyone is dying their hair non natural colors or wearing ear rings that stretch their ears etc. I guess i might be considered a non conformist due to the fact that i would never do these such things. However, some might consider me a conformist because I don't do these things.
If most of the examples you chose that best fit you were silver button examples then you are most likely a Non-Conformist.
If most of the examples that best fit you were blue button examples, then you are most likely a Conformist.
ex) Lady Gaga
ex) Nicki Minaj
ex) Tyler Oakley
ex) Johnny Depp
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