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No description

Elizabeth Vang

on 4 May 2013

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Exposition Conflict Climax Falling Action Internal and External Conflicts Rising
Action - when the family is camping, a nuclear bomb falls on the U.S.
- Eddy and grandma get left behind
- everyone is locked in and only dad knows the password
- its been 6 years and mom is pregnant with her 4th child
- Rex (dad) shows Eli his laboratory where he plans to clone human beings for food
- Eli meets his 3 new siblings (supplements) for the first time Characters The Yanakakis were stuck in the compound with their crazy father. The Compund - Eli confronts his dad
- Rex admits that he...
`engineered their imprisonment
`wanted to test how well his family would handle challenges
`arranged for the shortage of food to see if they'd go to the lengths of a cannibal
-Eli knocks out his dad and he is unconscious
- mom is bleeding a lot
-Eli is left with a clue about the password to get out of the compound - Eli finds all the clues from his dad about the password to get out of the compound
- Eli finds the combination
- Rex (dad) wakes up and threatens to kill lucas (supplement)
- Eli hands over the combination and only remembers some numbers
- Eli, Lexie, and Terese figured out the combination, which were the dates of famous nuclear explosions and their birth dates
- Eli escapes but, his father locks him out of the compound
- Phil arrives and opens the latch for Rex and sets the compound to blow up
` Eli tries to get everyone out
` but Rex goes back for his research Internal: By:S.A. Bodeen Setting THE END -Eli Yanakakis (main character/brother)
-Eddy Yanakakis (brother)
-Lexie Yanakakis (adopted sister)
-Clea Yanakakis (Mom)
-Rex Yanakakis (Dad)
-Terese Yanakakis (sister)
-Phil (Dad's accountant) -the Compound -Quinn(Supplements)
-Lucas (Supplements)
-Cara (Supplements) - Eli gets attached to the supplements
- Eli tries to convince his sisters to revolt
against their father so they don't have to eat their siblings
- the internet works on Eddy's laptop
- Eli communicates with his twin brother(Eddy)
-Eli discovers from Eddy that there wasn't a nuclear bomb and that people think that they're dead Resolution - compound blows up
- Phil escapes
- search party arrives
- Insane father is missing
- FBI investigates Rex for abducting and torturing his family
- Clea (mom) gives birth to another child
- Clea takes control of Rex's software company External: Theme - Eli feels like he can't open up to any one else except Eddy, but Eddy is gone.
- And he's angry because he felt that he was unloved by everyone beside his mother.
-blames himself for eddy's death Yanakakis family vs. Rex Yanakakis (father) -In the compound, they're slowly running out of food, and they soon have to eat the supplements. You can't avoid your demons (fears). Prezi Made by: Elizabeth
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