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Be a SMART Consumer 151p~152p 1312 오유진

No description

유진 오

on 30 October 2016

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Transcript of Be a SMART Consumer 151p~152p 1312 오유진

Be a SMART Consumer

151p~152p 1312 오유진

However, being a smart consumer is more than just using coupons and buying things on sale.
It requires you to be aware of sales tricks.
Three different subscription options are offered here.
Are you a smart consumer? [What do you think makes you a smart consumer?]

Using coupons? Making a shopping list? Reading consumer reviews? Or just waiting until the product you want to buy is on sale?
Yes, these are all good strategies that can help you make the right choice and save money.

Yes, this option is exactly what the magazine sales department intends to sell!
Now, which one would you choose?
I'm certain that nobody would choose the second option.
Do you think?

what makes you a smart consumer?
관계대명사 that
help의 목적보어로 동사원형 make
and 뒤에도 동사원형 save
consumer 소비자
strategie 전략
review 후기
require은 목적보어로 to부정사!
Here is an example where a sales trick is hidden.

Look at this magazine subscription ad that once appeared on the Internet.
관계부사 where은 장소 말고도
case, example, experimen
t등을 수식
require 필요로하다
subscription 구독, 구독료
be aware of ~을 알다
The first option would give you full access to their website for $59. The second option, costing $125, would give you the print subscription.

And the last option would give you both the print and the Internet subscription for $125, the same price as the second option.
'서술적 용법'으로 쓰여 '확신하는'이라는 의미
Who would choose the print-only option when the print-and-Internet option is offered for the same price?

Once you see the last option, you may think, "Oh, the Internet subscription is free!" and go for it without much thinking.
관계대명사 '~한것'으로 해석
department 부서
intend 의도하다
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