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Oliver Twist Recommendation

Book Recommendation for Oliver Twist

Meghan Hiland

on 5 December 2012

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Transcript of Oliver Twist Recommendation

Characters-Rose Maylie Rose is beautiful compassionate, kind and forgiving. She is Oliver’s aunt who kindly takes in Oliver after an attempt burglary. She bonds with Oliver even before her relationship to him is known. Conflict-The environment in which Oliver lives has a very bad influence on him where prostitution and theft is going on. Oliver has a hard time finding himself and keeping above the lower class.
Rising action- Oliver Twist runs away from a workhouse to London where he is taken in by a man who trains orphan children to steal for him. Oliver comes a cross some very bad people, although he stays true to his values and tries to do the right thing
Climax- Oliver goes with Sikes to attempt a burglary. Oliver is unaware the whole time that they will be robbing he house, so when he finds out he tries to warn the family living there. One of the guards caches him and ends up shooting Oliver in the arm.
Falling action- the family living in he home takes in Oliver and soon they have a close bond
Resolution- Read to find out Story Elements Characters- Nancy Nancy is a prostitute and former pick pocket of Fagin’s. She is in love with Bill Sikes Characters- Oliver Oliver Twist is the protagonist of the story. He is an Orphan boy between the ages of nine and twelve throughout the book. Oliver grows up in an orphanage and is transferred to different workhouses and homes throughout his life. He is a very innocent child even though he is treated very harshly and cruelly his whole life. Oliver Twist Evil Good Song: "Maybe" from the musical "Annie" Maybe far away
Or maybe real nearby
He may be pouring her coffee
She may be straighting this tie!
Maybe in a house
All hidden by a hill
She's sitting playing piano,
He's sitting paying a bill!
Betcha they're young
Betcha they're smart
Bet they collect things
Like ashtrays, and art!
Betcha they're good --
(Why shouldn't they be?)
Their one mistake Rotate axis and drag frames
to change balance Was giving up me!
So maybe now it's time,
And maybe when I wake
They'll be there calling me "Baby"...
Betcha he reads
Betcha she sews
Maybe she's made me
A closet of clothes!
Maybe they're strict
As straight as a line...
Don't really care
As long as they're mine!
So maybe now this prayer's
The last one of it's kind...
Won't you please come get your "Baby" Fagin Fagin is a criminal. He takes in young orphan boys and trains them to pick pockets for him and do other crimes. Fagin also purchases stolen goods, and uses others to commit crimes instead of him doing them himself. Bill Sikes Sikes is a pro at burglary who was taught by Fagin. He is Nancy’s lover, who he treats with grudging affection and cruelty. Mr. Brownlow Mr. Brownlow is Oliver’s first benefactor Setting Oliver Twist is set in the 1830’s in England Mood The mood of Oliver Twist at first was very dark and gloomy. As the story continues, the mood changes into hopefulness because Oliver still is determined that his family is out there somewhere. Style and Craft Use of Vocabulary- in the book Oliver Twist, Charles Dickens uses were strong vocabulary and words that aren’t used in our every day language. These words are hard to understand, but at the end of the book, the reader will be much stronger.
Word choice-Charles Dickens uses a lot of words that are combined together which sound a lot like how people talk in real life. For example, on page 13 “It’s humane too, gen’l’men, acause, even if they’ve stuck in the chimbley, roastin their feet makes ‘em struggle to hexricate themselves.” Even though this isn’t something we would hear everyday, Dickens makes it easy to understand how the characters would actually be talking. Theme Oliver Twist is a story of the battle between the “good” versus “evil”, with the evil continuously trying to outweigh the good Overall Recommendation Oliver Twist is a very challenging read. It is slow at first and
has very complex vocabulary, but in the end it is all worth it.
The reader will get to know Oliver and feel his pain
throughout the book. At the end of the story, there a
very exciting and unexpected twist that no reader
could have seen coming! I recommend Oliver Twist,
I don’t regret reading it and neither will you.
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