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7 On Today's Golf News.

No description

Elizabeth Harris

on 19 July 2016

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Transcript of 7 On Today's Golf News.

7 On Today's Golf News.
Golf Equipment
How Much Are The Tickets In Total?
Rounds Mens for Olympic Golf Tickets Total $219.83
The equipment you will need?
Golf clubs
Golf cart
Golf balls
Golf bag
Golf gloves
Golf shoes
Never go to the out of bounds area.
You must tee your ball within a club's length of the Hole.
Your tee must be upon the ground.
You are not to change the Ball which you Strike off the Tee.
You are not to remove Stones, Bones or any Break Club, for the sake of playing your Ball, except upon the fair Green within a Club's length of your Ball.
If your Ball comes among watter, or any wattery filth, you are at liberty to take out your Ball & bringing it behind the hazard and Teeing it, you may play it with any Club and allow your Adversary a Stroke for so getting out your Ball.
If your Balls be found any where touching one another, You are to lift the first Ball, till you play the last.
At Holling, you are to play your Ball honestly for the Hole, and not to play upon your Adversary’s Ball, not lying in your way to the Hole.
If you should lose your Ball, by its being taken up, or any other way, you are to go back to the Spot, where you struck last, & drop another Ball, And allow your adversary a Stroke for the misfortune.
How Many People In The Olympic Games Australian Team Are Their In Golf?
Marcus Fraser
Scott Hend
Minjee Lee
Su Ho
how much are tickets for the olympic golf course mens rounds.
Golf Tickets
Men Rounds
Round 1$52.96 - $52.96
Round 2$52.96 - $52.96
Round 3$8.00 - $8.00
Round 4$105.91 - $105.91
Justen Bieber & Eliseo.F out see you later folks.
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