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Sinking of the Lusitania

No description

Faith Gamble

on 8 October 2013

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Transcript of Sinking of the Lusitania

Sinking of the Lusitania
The Sinking of The Lusitania
Faith Gamble
WWI Presentation
designed by Péter Puklus for Prezi
The Lusitania
A British ship owned and operated by the Cunard Company
Set sail for the fist time on June 7, of 1906
She was the fastest, largest, and most extravagant ship
sank on May 7th, 1915
On May 1st, 1915 The Lusitania boarded in New York 1,960 people bound for Liverpool
On the coast of Ireland the German submarine U-20 torpedoed the Lusitania, sinking it in 18 minutes
Schwieger claims he had no intentions for attacking the Lusitania...Later claims were made claiming Lusitania was a prime target in the war.
Germany’s defense
Churchill Controversy
Sir Winston Churchill
Large amount of weaponry on the ship for British soldiers
efforts with the Lusitania were seen to shift American opinion of Germany and to push the U.S to get involved with the war siding with Britain.
War Impact
The United States was neutral prior to sinking
Tensions greatly increased between the U.S and Germany

Long Term Impact
The sinking of the Lusitania caused warfare to become more civilized.
Less usage of Uboat campaign in the war
The Sinking

IB History of Americas 12

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