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Sexual Health and STIs

No description

Ellen Lukeman

on 30 August 2013

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Transcript of Sexual Health and STIs

Ellen Lukeman
Youth Health Center Nurse
April 2013
Sexuality and Health
What you already know, what you
need to know, and why you should care
Sexually Transmitted Infection
Infections that are transmitted through sexual contact:
Prevention and Risk Reduction
Vaccination (Hep B & HPV)
Monogamous relationship with unaffected partner
consistent and correct condom use during any type of intercourse
Regular testing for yourself and your partner
OK!?... Tell me more
Bacterial Infections
Chlamydia - 50-70% Asymptomatic
Men: a thin, white discharge with burning/pain on urination
Women: burning while urinating, pelvic pain, discharge and irritated genitals
Stage 1: Small, painless sore
stage 2: feeling unwell, rash,
genital warts
Stage 3: Late, Heart and blood
vessel damage,
brain damage, death
Human Papillomavirus
Ectoparasitic Infestation
Wait.... Oral?!
Ok... But Really!
Your sexual orientation does not
matter when it come to STIs...
STIs don't discriminate!!
Rate of reported Chlamydia cases in
Nova Scotia by DHA
Chlamydia cases by age group and sex, DHA 7, Jan 1 2009-Aug 7 2012 (n=364)

Had another
sexual partner
before you
... 2
sexual partners
before that person
who had...1
If each of those contacts had
You've now been in sexual contact with
2 contacts
That each had
1 more contact
individuals and only been intimate with
Scabies and Pubic Lice
Respect Yourself!
Have Questions? Get Answers!
Men: thick, yellowish-green discharge, pain with urination, testicular/rectal pain
Women: Most often asymptomatic, some have increased vaginal discharge, pain with urination, lower abdo pain, pain with intercourse or vaginal bleeding between periods or after intercourse
A virus that destroys cells that are critical to a person's immune system

Symptoms can take years to show.

Your contacts may not know they are infected.

HIV is not "only" found in third world
countries, and large cities.

It exists in our communities in rural
Nova Scotia.
Over 100 type of HPV - vaccination against 4 strains

75% of the adult population will have at least one infection in their lifetime

Can cause small, flesh colored growths which may increase in size or number over time

Can cause Cervical, vulvar, vaginal, anal, penile, throat/mouth cancer
Pubic lice are tiny crab-like insects that nest in pubic hair. They bite and feed on the blood of their hosts causing skin irritation, itchiness and redness

Scabies are parasitic mites that burrow below the surface of the skin where they lay eggs. They cause intense itchiness, and a reddish rash
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