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Photo Essay

This photo essay exhibits the effects of smokestacks. All pictures have been taken by Tahsin J.

Tahsin J

on 3 March 2011

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Transcript of Photo Essay

Smokestacks, as shown in the far distance, are located in many areas. In this specific picture, located in the Bronx, New York, there are multiple smokestacks, next to an apartment building These industrial smokestacks constantly produce fumes and smoke, which pollutes both the air, and causes damage to the lungs of one's body. Plants and flowers die due to the pollution from these tall smokestacks. Plants have been affected by smokestacks. Animals, as well, such as those that live right off the water, have also suffered from health consequences, as a result of industrial smokestacks. Smokestacks have been found in the most absurd areas. It has been reported that smokestacks have fumed right next to neighboring hospital, Einstein Hospital. Patients have gotten more sick due to the smokestacks nearby. Many companies have built very tall smokestacks, some even up to one thousand feet high. This constantly raises local pollution levels above ambient air standards. An assessment was made from an autopsy lung material from residents of two cities, Winnipeg, Manitoba and St. Louis, Missouri. Winnipeg, located in Canada, has a relatively low level of air pollution, whereas the St. Louis, an American city has signifigant levels of industrial contaminants. Air pollution, which smokestacks have contributed to have caused rubber tires on automobiles to crack and become porous. Some of the finest architected buildings became shabby, as their walls turned black with soot as a result of the pollution, which has settled on building stones and surfaces. The sky-scraping cost of air pollution, caused by sky scraping smoke stacks is prominently illustrated. The damaging effects have been shown on the human body. Other than the spitefulness of irritated eyes and scratchy throats, it is also a threat to the respiratory tract, which potentially may lead to a number of serious diseases In both the Europe and the United States, chapters of great levels of air pollution also resulted in a large number of deaths. Internationally, the huffing and puffing of industrial smokestacks causes immense damage. It represents a loss of significant amounts of money every year, especially for farmers whose vegetable crops suffer from exhaust gases and their cattle have been poisoned.
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