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Future Technology!

No description

sophie bache

on 14 October 2013

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Transcript of Future Technology!

Future Technology!
Cars these days are getting faster and faster as there are cars going at the speed of 130 and thats just at normal car. Ferrari's can go at the speed of 170 and that really fast because you cant even see it if it was going that fast. In the future there are cars that can go the speed of 360 this means you would be able to get to were you wanted to go really fast. People have been making a car that you can fold up WOW!
Smart Homes!
Smart phones
Future Technology!
Everyday there's a new piece of techology.It keeps getting better and better. people are coming up with new ideas all the time because, people have already started to make a new technology that can control the hole house by just a press of a button.
phones are getting better as the new smart phone can project the screen onto the wall.They are getting even better as you can talk to your phone and it will do what you say. Also there is a phone that is made out of class.
There is a new technology
were if you get up and move
the tv will flow you, so that means you wont miss any think u want to watch on tv. Also there is a ipad that controls the house,eg if you want to be relaxed then nice calm music woud play. Or if you wanted a bath, it would start running by its self. There is also a really good technology were if you have somethink frozen all you have to do is set it down on the table and it will defrost by its self so then its ready to eat.
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