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Hijab: An Act of Modesty

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Hana Buabbas

on 8 June 2015

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Transcript of Hijab: An Act of Modesty

Why Wear Hijab?
Allah wants Muslim women to wear hijab, as it is better for them, their safety and the society around them.
Allah had revealed the Surah asking women to cover themselves after Omar Ibn-ul-Khattab had asked “I wish you ordered your wives to cover themselves from the men, because good and bad ones talk to them.”
The verse of the veiling of the women was revealed in Surat Al-Ahzab [33.59]
Aishah, the wife of the Prophet said that the women obeyed Allah’s orders immediately without hesitation even if they weren’t used to covering properly prior to this.
Other Benefits of Hijab

An act of obedience
Hijab is IFFAH (Chastity)
– There is evidence that it is harmful for the Muslim women to show her beauty because it could ignite criminal and bad behavior in men. That is why it’s best to cover the cause of attraction, which in this case would be a Muslim women’s beauty.

Hijab is taharah (Purity)
– Hijab keeps the heart of believing women and men pure as the heart is more pure when sight is blocked. In other words it means, the men and women will love each other for who they are and men will not be greedy and choose a partner according to a woman’s appearance only.
Hijab is a protection
– Revealing clothes and showing the beauty attracts bad attention from men who could potentially harm and harass girls and women. Rape is a common crime that happens in every modern society and Allah says that the hijab will protect the women from crimes such as these.
How to Start Wearing Hijab
There are two ways to start wearing the hijab:

1) The first way is to wear hijab is to go slow, so that you dont over burden yourself. This is done by taking one step at a time because for some people wearing hijab is a very big jump. You can start by covering certain body parts loosely and your hair. Then you can start to cover up the whole body. The last step would be to stop wearing make-up and nailpolish, as they can attract unwanted attention from men.

2) The second way is by going cold turkey. This means that you do all the required things from day one, all at once. Cover up the full body an stop wearing making right from the start.

Based on personality, inner strength, and you circumstsance, you can choose which way you want to start wearing the hijab. For some people going cold turkey is the best way, but for others, they will need to be eased into the habit of wearing hijab.

Hijab as a Habit & Boys
The environment we live in can be a huge influence on us because society influences the way we live. Certain societies, for example in the west, promotes immodest lifestyles that Islam does not accept. By spending time with women who don't wear the hijab, we can form the habit of not dressing properly. To make sure this doesnt happen, muslim women need to spend time with those who wear hijab, so that they have good examples on how to live a fun life, while still being proper. It might be difficult to start, however muslim women need to remember to trust Allah because he knows what is best. Women with hijab will feel proud to show that they are obedient mulims. and are a positive influence on those without hijab
Proper Hijab
The whole body is covered with clothes, like jilbab, abaya, or any other protective types of clothing. All parts should be covered except for the face and the hands, even when the woman is walking or bending
The ayat, "and say to the believing women that they cast down their looks and protect their beauty except what appears thereof (rings, bracelets), and let them cover their bosoms with parts of their khimars (scarf/headwear)" 24:31, says that women should cover the whole body from had to toe.
The clothing is very loose, so that it doesnt reveal the woman's figure
The clothes are not see-through
No make-up on the face, perfume, or any jewelery. This is so that no attention is attracted
Bright colors and styles should be avoided so that there are no evil looks
The woman's behavior must be proper as well
What is Hijab?
Hijab is a cover or veil, used to cover a muslim woman's body from the eyes of men.
It is commonly worn after a woman reaches puberty
It conforms to a good standard of modesty and privacy that Allah orders us to be at
It is mentioned in the quran as the ayah "They should not display their beauty except what appears thereof ( rigns, bracelet) and let them cover their bosoms with parts of their khimars (scarves)" in 24:31

Hijab: An Act of Modesty
Improper Hijab
The scarf moves up, down, and around, so that some parts of the hair is shown.
The clothing on the body moves up and down showing the woman's arms and legs
The woman wears a lot of make-up, nail polish, and fixes her eyebrows. This might attract unwanted attention to the woman
The woman wears proper jihab, but behaves in a very improper way when she is out in public. This includes laughing and giggling loudly, as well as inappropriate body language
The hijab is very tight which revelas the woman's shape. The clothes are not made out of loose material.
By: Hana & Rumaisah
Benefits of Hijab
Hijab & Behaviour
Hijab is not just a simple dress code although the way a woman dresses plays a big role.
Hijab is the “barrier” between women and unwanted attention. It is important to remember that hijab is not just a way of dressing, it is more to do with modesty, the right attitude, the safety of women and much more.
There are girls and women who cover their hair and body but in reality they are more exposed than covered as they still attract unwanted attention. Girls and women like these attract unwanted attention with playful behavior like mingling with men, giggling loudly and body language. Girls and women wearing short sleeve shirts, make up and who don’t properly cover their hair show they’re not fully covered in the eyes of Allah.
Hijab In Other Religions
Statistics & Video
42% of women in the US military are sexually assaulted
A woman is raped every 6 minutes
75% of women will be victims of violent crimes
1/5 women will be raped in her lifetime
Every other US woman has been approached by at least one person who tried to rape her
13 year old rapists and 8 year old victims are common
During 1985-1990, more than half of all births to 18 and 19 year old women in the US were out of wedlock

Muslim boys should support and respect oher muslim women. Boys should not give the immature and immodest girls the bad attention they want. They should also support the muslim women who dress properly by giving them more respect and space. This is so that they show that they recognize their good efforts in obeying Allah and keeping modest.
In a society without modesty, these are the facts and statistics
Hijab in Ancient Religions:
In the past, Hijab was also a part of everyday dress in ancient Christian and Jewish communities. Jewish women were said to cover their hair with wigs and scarves. Additionally, some important members of the Christian community such as nuns still wear Hijab today. This can be seen in most places in Europe and the Middle East.
An example of an important figure is Prophet Isa’s (Jesus) mother; Maryam (Mary.) who wore the hijab.
There is a verse also in the Bible regarding the covering of the hair!
“…if a woman does not have her hair veiled, she may as well have her hair cut off. But it is shameful for a woman to have her hair cut off or her head shaved, then she should were a veil.” I Corinthians 11:6

Hijab is taqwa (Righteousness)
– To the Muslim women, clothes are meant to cover the body and private parts whereas some other women would like to wear clothes that show off the body rather than cover it.

Hijab is iman (Belief or faith)
– Allah refers to women who wear hijab as the “believing women” meaning that a woman should wear the hijab only if she truly believes in Allah and his messengers.
Hijab is hayaa’ (modesty)
– Modesty is important in a women and should be a natural way of her behavior. One way of showing modesty is by covering the hair and body.

Hijab is ghayrah (Protection/defense)
– Ghayrah is the emotion in a man that makes him protect all the women that are related to him. If all sexes were mixed, then all men would look at women in a sinning way and this would destroy the natural ghayrah in men. Ghayrah is an important part of faith.
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