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Alona Zubchenko

on 7 April 2014

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Transcript of hdfkzgk

Photo contest is being held from May, 1 to May, 31 2014.
Contest was initiated and held by NGO «Wikimedia Ukraine».

To participate you need to take a photo of the natural heritage sites, landscapes and ornamental gardens from the list and apload them for a specified period of time to Wikimedia Commons.
Aims of the competition
• to collect and publish pictures of natural heritage of Ukraine and other countries in order to illustrate articles on Wikipedia and other Wikiprojects

• to promote environmental protection

For the first time the competition was held in 2013 in Ukraine.

It was started on a national scale and was positively received by both participants and partners.

The jury has selected 3 winners.

There were:
364 photographers from all over Ukraine
During the last year contest 11,706 photos of more than 1100 objects had been collected.

The largest number of photos came from Kyiv (3699 photo), Crimea (1967 photo), Vinnitsa (520), Lviv (576) regions.
The least - from Kirovohrad (31), Luhansk (47), Mykolaiv (34) and Chernivtsi (21) regions.

1st place — Katya Krasnytska, Dawn on Ai-Petri Mountain, Crimea
2nd place — Serhiy Krynytsia (Haidamac), Dniester Canyon national nature park, Zalischyky, Ternopil Oblast
3rd place — Balkhovitin, Upper Cretaceous rock exposure (geological natural monument), Kramatorsk, Donetsk Oblast
This year plans
In 2014 the project «Wiki Loves Earth» becomes international. Australia, Brazil, Armenia, Greece, Iraq, Canada, Macedonia, Poland, Ukraine, Switzerland, Austria, Catalonia and Andorra, Estonia, the Netherlands and Germany already have started preparations.
International team of «Wiki Loves Earth» is working on involving partners.
We are negotiating with all national and international environmental organizations, travel agencies, clubs and communities.
We attract well-known journalists, photographers, environmentalists and naturalists to the competition as the contest participants or members of the jury.
Stages of the competition
The competition is held at national and international stages.

The local winners will be appointed during June, 2014.

Then the selected photos will be examined by the international jury. The final results of the competition will be announced on June 25 in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Nominations and awards
Among the uploaded photos the local jury define:

• 10 best photos of the contest
• The best one in each region

Among the awards are tablets, navigators, eBooks etc.

The International jury will define 10 best photos out of all submitted by each participating country.

Welcome to cooperate!
ОOfficial siteкту:

КонтрдCoordinator contactsинатора:

теtel.: (096) 506-55-88
Thank you for your attention!
International team «Wiki Loves Earth»
«Wiki Loves Earth» -
an international photo contest of natural heritage

All photos are under the CC-BY-SA 3.0 license.
Themeэыąąą'ąąs photo is standard
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