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book talk

Christian Moore

on 29 November 2012

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Transcript of Unwholly

Neal Shusterman Unwholly He is the author of the book, "Unwholly" which is a realistic fiction book. Shusterman has also written the Everlost series, Full Tilt, and the Shadow Club. Setting Neil Shusterman The setting of Unwholly takes place in the present day of the United States in the deserts of Arizona. Main Characters Connor Lassiter: He is know as the Akron AWOL and he
runs the graveyard which is a abandoned air force base in the outskirts of the Arizona desert. He has changed since he was transplanted with his betrayers arm.

Risa Ward: She is a medic at the graveyard who helps with people and their physical injuries after becoming disabled due to an accident at the harvest camp.

Levi Calder: Levi is a tithe that is left on his own after his parents turn his back on him because of his change of attitude.

Starkey Mason: A stork baby is a baby who is illegally adopted by placing the baby at the doorstep of another household. Starkey is runaway unwound who is on the run until he gets to the graveyard where he starts a club called the stork club

Hayden: He is an unwound kid like everyone else trying to save his life by staying at the graveyard. He is head of the media department in the graveyard that analyze everything in the graveyard. They use the abandoned military equipment in a jet to do so. He has his own radio show called Hayden Free radio

Trace Neuhauser: He is a former spec ops soldier for the military. He is under Connors command. He controls all the jets and their functionality in the graveyard Main Characters Miricolina: Named after the miricle she gave to her brother, giving her blood to him because of his rare blood type, Miricolina is a 13 year old girl whose a tithe and her parents dont want to unwind her but she wants to because she wants to expierence being in a divided state.

Camus Comprix: Some say he wasn't born, he was created. Cam is a sixteen year old boy who is composed of ninteynine different people. He carries the memories, characteristics and abilities of these ninteynine indivisuals. Because of his appearance, its hard for him to establish friendships with people and find a girl he truly loves. All people do is judge him and ask him questions about his appearance

Roberta: She is part of the Proactive Citizenry. She sets up ads that broadcast on TV and shown in the news. She is also the spokesperson of Camus Comprix. Helping him along side in his press conferences and interviews

Nelson: Nelson is a former juvie cop who is trying to find Connor because he tranqued him in the leg and gave him the gift of humility and now he wants revenge. Conflict People have a hard time accepting Camus for who he is. People dont believe he has a soul. They think he is just torn up pieces of flesh that were grafted back together. His spokesperson has him date several young ladies but it never worked out. Not until he met Risa whom he thought was for sure the one he loved. He has mixed emotions when comes to find Risa doesn't think the same even through her mixed messages.

Lev is well known for being the clapper who never clapped. He and Miricolina are taken hostage by Nelson, a former juvy cop and he interrogates Lev about Connors whereabouts. He is worried if he will catch Connor or not.

After being grafted with his betrayers shark tattooed arm, Connor is head of the graveyard and he is trying to keep the juvy cops from finding out about the graveyard. But one day they find out and now Connor has to prepare all the kids in the graveyard for war

Starkey is a fan of Connor until he makes his own stork club that consists of a handful of storks in the graveyard. He feels that no one gives the storks the special credit that they deserve. He then becomes a so called leader and becomes the head of all the kids who had escaped the graveyard on the dreamliner. But, the dreamliner crashes in the salt lake in Utah and half the kids died in the crash. He's left with the remaining children to tell them where they should go. Story details When Lev talks to the girl scout she is amazed that he
was the clapper that she saw on the news. It was a disgrace to all the clappers. She then clapped and the whole house exploded and that left his brother injured in the hospital and his father figure Pastor Dan dead. In honor of Pastor Dan, he changes his last name to Garrity which is Pastor Dan's last name. When he was captured by Nelson, he plays russian roulette with him to find out where Connor is.

When the Juvy cops invade the graveyard Connor fights harder than anyone, butting and bashing the stock of his rifle into the heads of the Juvy cops.

Camus and Risa were on a talk show and they had to pose to be a couple in public. They held hands on camera just to make it seem real. But, Risa speaks up against unwinding and how she knows that its wrong and that leaves Roberta in rage wanting to rip her apart live on the set but the security guard prevented that from happening Mood/ Theme I believe the theme is don't always judge people by
what you see and

The mood of the book is sad, and anticipating

I like this book because it illustrates how life would be if you could technically live forever and
never have to leave your loved ones but it involoves
kids that will do crazy things to keep from being unwound and help others from being unwound as well

What i remember most about the book was when
Nelson tranqed every kid he talked to and told them to run. He would count to ten and if he got to ten the kid would have been traqued in the neck or back One of my favorite quotes from Unwholly is, “does a sick society get so used to its illness that it can't remember being well? what if the memory is too dangerous for the people who like things the way they are?”

Also a very sad part in the story where Starkey left Trace to drown in the dreamliner. "I never had the guts to try the great water escape, says Starkey. It killed Houdini, but I'm sure it'll be easy for a big boeuf like you. Then he backs out of the cockpit and closes the door."
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