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Culture Clash

on 18 April 2012

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Transcript of Prezitation

Cultural clash Horrible Histories: Sparta VS Athens From a playwright's point of view From an anthropologist's point of view From a warrior's point of view Fighting By Mehar, Nelson, Jodi, Claire From a writer's point of view From a pacifist's point of view literature Hebrews: Torah Romans: Epics, Oratories, writings about philosophy Greek:
Epics of Homer, Aesop's Fables, Greek myths What are similar and what are different? Greek Myths From a writer's point of view Introducing the story of persephone From a warrior's point of view From a playwright's point of view From a pacifist's point of view From an anthropologist's point of view Military Greek: Each City state had own government
Athens had a good navy
SParta had a strong army The story of Persephone military and literature/Drama Roman: Famous Leader/General Julius Caesar Euripedes:
"POet of World's grief" Hebrews: fought for their freedom History of Drama Who was allowed? Romans: W Greeks Who was allowed? Where'd it happen? Geography and how it affects military Geography of Rome Geography of Greece Geography of Hebrews The geography of Greece affects its military because of the annoying mountains and the rugged landscape. It doesn't allow the greek city-states to unite causing weak armies. However, athens has a great Navy due to the waters around.
The spartans forced people
to become slaves, one of
the harshest military strategies. The Hebrews didn’t have a great military due to their nomadic way of life. They didn't have a set geography leading to the weak military. Their only successful military was against the Romans when they were known as the Zealots. Rome was built on seven steep hills. They farmed at the base of the hills, and at the end of the day, they returned to their hilltop homes. Their homes on top of the hills allowed them to be ready to defend themselves from attack. The Italian Peninsula affected Rome because it makes it easier for Rome to eventually conquer and gain new lands. Roman Military The Hebrews Military Greek Military Alexander the Great (No cheering, Alex) Jews escape from Egypt The Greeks invented the idea of drama, comedy, and theatre. They used colorful masks to show their characters' expressions but only men were allowed to perform. They had daily performances in honor of the god of wine and pleasure, Dionysus. Romans had very similar lifestyles as the Greeks and this also included theatre. They had festivals in honor of the Roman/Greek gods. The Hebrews did not have plays or any type of drama of any type. Romans
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