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Josephine Baker

No description

Jefferson Middle

on 21 February 2013

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Transcript of Josephine Baker

She went to Paris and became a huge hit! A dance
she danced to is called The Banana Dance. She wore a skirt made out of bananas! Josephine got over 1,500 marraige prop
-osals. Some nicknames she had were "Black Venus" and "Black Pearl". Obstacle 1 Obstacle 2 Obstacle 3 finish Start Josephine Baker was born on June 6, 1906
in St. Luis, Missouri. She spent her childhood
in poverty before learning how to dance. She took care of her family with the help of her mom
Carrie McDonald was a laundress who struggled to
support her family.Josephines dad abandoned the family
when she was a kid. Josephine supported the family by
working as a domestic slave for white families. When Josephine Baker died over 20,000
mourners wept and crowded the streets as
her coffine passed by.Josephine died of Cerebral
Hemorrhage. The government even honored her with
a 21 gun salute! Josephine is still remembered in Fance
as a talented Performer. Josephine Baker by lizzy Thill She was very supportive She was very talented Josephine was very supportive She could have been killed
in the Underground Railroad she joined a traveling Vaudeville troupe She was brave Josephine went through the spine tingling Underground Railroad to save slaves from the U.S. Many slaves tried but most failed because they were usually caught and killed. But she went through more then once! Thanks to the websites below
for this information Baker, Josephine.bio.Josephine Baker biography.com
Febuary 13, 2013. The Huffington Post.com
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