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Apple Marketing Management

A short presentation of Apples CSR policies

mrugesh patel

on 23 October 2015

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Transcript of Apple Marketing Management

Brief history of APPLE Inc.
Multinational Corporation that deals with consumer electronics and software.
Founded on 1st April 1976 by Steve Job & Steve Wozniak in California .
2011 Apple became the largest Multinational Corporation on both revenues and profit
364 Retail stores in 13 countries and an online store.
Mission Statement of Apple
Protect the environment, health
and safety of employees, customers
and the global communities while
bringing the best personal computing,
portable digital music and mobile
communication experience to
students, educators, creative
professionals, businesses,
government agencies, and consumers
through its innovative hardware,
software, peripherals, services, and
Internet offerings.
Road Map
Increase of share price and profits
Around $600/share
$10.60 yearly dividend
$108 bil revenues
Apple is committed to the highest standards of social responsibility. They insist that all their suppliers provide safe working conditions, treat workers with dignity and respect. Their actions from thorough site audits to industry-leading training programs demonstrate this commitment
Labor & Human Rights
Apple prohibits practices that threaten the rights of workers and preventing the hiring of underage workers. And as the first technology company to be admitted to the Fair Labor Association, Apple is setting a new standard in transparency and oversight.
Health & Safety
Apple requires suppliers to provide a workplace that’s both safe and healthy.
Their suppliers must adopt strict safety standards and provide workers with safety training.
Environmental Impact
Stable jobs with fair wage
62000 jobs Worldwide. Higher than minimum wages of their country with 60 h/week.
Further reduction of labor hours of suppliers employees
More donations to philanthropic programs to help the communities
Offer more jobs in U.S
Apple is Social Responsible Company that cares about its customers and takes them in consideration during decision making.
History of Apple
Mission & Vision Statement of Apple
Competitive Review
Marketing Situation
SWOT Analysis
Marketing Strategy
Action Programs
Social Responsibilities
How Ethical

Apple has many competitors like in computers…


Faithful customers
Apple is a leading innovator in mobile device technology
Strong financial performance ($10,000,000,000 cash, gross profit margin 43.9% and no debt)
Brand reputation


High price
Decreasing market share
Further Change in management
Long term gross margin decline


Creates a new market
Constant market growth
International research
Loyal customer base
Increasing demand for online content


Intense competition (android)
Good ideas are easily copied
Loosing Steve Jobs

IOS Operating System
Customer Needs
Build Quality
value for money
App Store

As premium brand approach is on High price strategy


Apple Inc. Competitors
Apple Inc. Competitors
In smart phones industry

Apple Inc. Competitors
In iPads industry

We are “committed” in producing
high quality products and providing
high quality service thus setting high
industry standards for other

Vision Statement
Offers small no. of product’s to target specific demographics customer’s
Premium Pricing

No. of

Exclusive Stores
Halo Effect
Leveraging brand name
Increasing eagerness of customers
i-watch, i-pay, i-cloud
Online stores
Retail and third-party store
Exclusive stores
Distributing through online stores, Social media efforts
They have direct retail stores and third-party stores in many countries e.g. Reliance digital
Apple has exclusive stores catering different category of product e.g. Fifth avenue, New york
College and University Students
Business People
Advertising and Direct marketing
Current Going Products
Apple takes great care to design environmentally sound products.They require from suppliers to use environmentally responsible manufacturing processes wherever those products are made.
Dekle Merve
Utalishvili Ana
Mukhtiar sandu
Mrugesh Patel
Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish.
Think Different
Apple Inc. has both ethical and non-ethical sides.

Internal Customers (Employees)
External Customers (Consumers & Customers)
Apple making 'substantial' donation to aid migrants in Europe
Millions of people from Syria and other Middle Eastern countries have fled their homes because of war and persecution.

Apple is supporting 2-for-1 matches of contributions from Apple employees to the Red Cross. Additionally, the company is promoting the Red Cross online and in the App Store.
The only thing that's changed is everything.
iPhone 6 (S)
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