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Revealing the Invisible

No description

Jessica Pawuk

on 20 December 2013

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Transcript of Revealing the Invisible

Revealing the Invisible
I think that many people have felt invisible for the same reason. It is very common for a sibling to feel some type of jealousy towards the new baby in the house.
In my community, I feel as though there are many groups that are invisible. The arts are a prime example. They go unnoticed compared to the sports teams. I think that everyone feels invisible at some point in their life. The reasons vary greatly, but feeling invisible is very common.
During this time, I became very jealous. I used to constantly tell my parents that they needed to get rid of him. I dealt with the invisibility by pouting and constantly trying to get my parents attention in any way possible.
I am the oldest child in my family. For 4 years, it was only me. I received one hundred percent of the attention from everyone around me.
In 2000, my little brother was born. This made me feel very invisible to my parents. All of their attention was focused on the new baby.
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