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Atlantic Slave Trade Snapchat

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Blair Cox

on 30 January 2018

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Transcript of Atlantic Slave Trade Snapchat

1442-Portuguese Enslaves the Berbers
The Berbers were an ethnic group indigenous to Nort Africa. The Portuguese conquered the tribe to gain access to the rest o Africa and start the Slave Trade.
1502-New World slavery of Africans
New trade opens up Hispaniola, present day Haiti. There were labor needed, so slaves were greatly desired.
1542-New law
The law of 1542 discouraged enslaving natives of the West Indies, promoted the slave trade.
1562- first English slave-trading expedition.

John Hawkins commands this expedition. He captured people in Sierra Lione and sold them to Spanish colonists.
1448-Portugal Makes Agreements
Portugal makes profital slave-trading agreements with Moorish and African Chiefs. The European relied on these rulers to provide them the commodities.
1482: Portuguese builds first slave-trade port
The Portuguese builds the port in Elmina, Gold Coast, present day Ghana. The port symbolized the growth of the slave trade, and 30,000 slaves were shipped a year.
Atlantic Slave Trade
1642-Louis XII authorizes the French involvement
The French joins in on the slave trade between Africa, Europe, and the Americas.
1672-Royal African Company is founded
South London, the first big slave trading company is created, demonstrating the growth of slave trade
1787-New colony created for former slaves
Englishmen and merchants create a colony in Sierra Leone on the Freetown Peninsula
1807: British Parliament abolishes
the transatlantic slave trade.

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