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1.3 Job titles

learning job titles

Go English Live

on 15 March 2014

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Transcript of 1.3 Job titles

JOBS Trabajos A / AN I am Jhon /I´m Jhon
You are an engineer/ You´re an engineer
He is a lawyer/ He´s a lawyer
She is an accountant/ She´s an accountant Using contractions Vocales A E I O U El trabajo Vamos a practicar Yo te debo I owe You American Eagle My favorite brand He She S he H e He vs She t
d eacher
octor attorney Verbs to People or
er act
play Gender neutral gender specific waiter-waitress police man
police woman police officer Before now JOBS Work I have a job I work at McDonald´s An Accountant
A Doctor
A Police officer
A Lawyer
A Teacher
An Engineer
A Waiter/Waitress Hi, I am Mr. Johnson Hello, I am Mrs. Castle Good morning,
I am Officer Smith Good afternoon,
I am Mr Brown Good evening, My name is Mr.Wilson Good morning Class, I am Ms. Martinez Nice to meet you, I am Mr. Harris AE IOU actuar
jugar Actor
Player + Contractions Tips AEIOU ' = I am I'm AE - I owe you I You Pronouns I am Mauricio You are Alex Always Singular You are = You're He is = He's The End
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