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BBC Project

This is my Black Belt Club project.

Vince Verrault

on 22 April 2011

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Transcript of BBC Project

Martial Arts? It is a Journey with an infinite number of destinations, yet no end. Why do I want to learn Because It is a Journey with infinite destinations, yet no end. It is a Post: on which to return when I lose my way; from which to project a light into the future; and, to which I can grab hold when the wind blows. It is a Union of thought and action that transcends both. Although the moments are rare for me now, I relish the possibility. In discovering Martial Arts many concepts became clearer to me. Fifteen years ago I wrote down on a Post-It note three virtues that I felt were important: Focus, Discipline and Integrity. I have played many sports and having average athletic talent I need to practice hard to be good at anything. I never realized the value of practice beyond its direct relationship to improvement, until I began Karate-do. While exploring some of the writings associated with the Martial Arts, performing kata and especially sparring, I began to understand that the physical and mental practice were also a practice of those same three virtues. Personal Goals. Today 1. 25 pullups (non-stop)
2. Complete my current house renovations
3. Complete the Mackintosh chairs my dad and I are building
4. Orange Belt (Level 2) Krav Maga One Year 1. Krav Maga Phase A instructor training
2. Advanced belt in Karate
3. Run a 10K race
4. Reconnect with David Cavalier (one of my first adult mentors)
5. Olympic Lifts
Clean and Jerk (split) 135lb
Snatch 100lb
6. un-scaled “Fran” (crossfit workout)
7. Secure my work teams place within the global business/technology solutions organization of CBRE
8. My “official” work Objectives for 2011
Achieve a positive balance for both my Canadian and US Profit &Loss
Renegotiate the future of Proliance as a Project Insight platform for CBRE
Demonstrate a 85% or better adoption of the LMA Project Insight Platform
Secure the ORC PMIS 5 year maintenance contract 5 Years
1. Black Belt in Karate
2. Crossfit Level 2
3. Krav Maga Phase B and C
4. Krav Maga Brown Belt
5. Masters, Information Management (Dalhousie University) Who do I want to be? My Characteristics hard working
My Idols Terry Fox – In my mind, the definition of heart.
Sir Sandford Fleming.
My 3 best friends, all my big brother in their own way. My Ins My Inspirations Anyone who believes that there is no such thing as “good enough”.
Spud Webb – 5'7” and won the NBA dunk contest – how's that for extraordinary?
A lawyer I met, as a young government employee, that had no arms.
Lance Armstrong.
Anyone who's willing stand instead of walk away from difficult situations.
Every time I see someone show heart.
My college Basketball experience (the best life example I have of planning, execution and team).
A 3 year old boy that I met during my first chemotherapy session.
Green Beret & Navy Seals -- I have read about their training and their circumstance during combat and I only need to think about these men to realize very little is insurmountable. My Aspirations to fall in love again
to see what I'm capable of as a leader at work
to teach and be a role model
My Faults and Weaknesses I sometimes walk away
I talk instead of listen
I avoid confrontation
I procrastinate
I struggle with raising aggression (when it is needed) The person I want to be is the person I try to be every day. Whether you call it lucky or not, I have had to contemplate my own death twice in my life (1st with cancer and 2nd with open heart surgery); I don't want to live a complacent life so that it can last longer. I believe that if I recognize my faults and weaknesses and do my best to overcome them while understanding my strengths and qualities and working at improving them, then I am going to be the person I want to be. Reach my Goals? How do I think Karate training will help me Karate training has become one of the biggest and best surprises of my life. The requirement for self mastery, both physical and mental, extends way beyond simply getting in shape. I have always been able to train in a disciplined manner and I understand that practice is the only way to get better. The surprise has evolved in the relationships that have developed with people I would never meet in my regular life and a train of thought that brings clarity to a way of life.

It gives me perspective: I get to see others, young and old, pursue and overcome their own goals that are completely different than my own.

It brings me into a community: For most of my adult life I have lived in the South Keys area, yet never paid attention to the people and places in the immediate area.

It opens a world of reading and thought: Reflection has become an important part of my well being and the wealth of reading associated with Karate and the martial arts seems infinite. When I practice Karate, many of the concepts become clearer.

It brings balance and understanding about the pursuit, the process and the practice as opposed to the differentiation and segregation of work and play. # 9. Karate is a life-long pursuit. Would you like to teach Karate? If you were a teacher and you had a student that you saw had potential to be better than average at Karate, but this student worked below her potential: How would you motivate this person? Yes! Motivation, I believe, is relative to the individual, so I would first observe likes/dislikes, strengths/weaknesses and influences (friends, parents, idols, role models). While learning what makes the individual “work” I would do the following:

Example. I believe no-one will accept your advice if they don't believe you are willing to do the same.

Break it down. Success breeds success. Start with small accomplishments or change that can be referenced when seeking bigger change.

Commit to the individual. Helping someone improve is not temporary and I would make sure that the individual knows I care about their success. Training Goals Do 25 pullups every day. Maximum repetition approach (do the most I can in every set). 5 sets, minimum 5 repetitions per set.

End of February=10
End of March=15
End of April=20
End of May=25

Ultimate goal is to be able to do the benchmark Crossfit workouts that require 50 to 100 pullups in a single workout. Meet with Kyoshi to fully understand the requirements for competing and confirm my preparation approach.

Attend a tournament before the end of April 2011 as a spectator in order to be able to visualize the environment and prepare myself mentally.

Do a minimum of 1 sparring session per week, either in Kumite class or with RickG.

Select two (or the number required) Kata that will be used in competition.

Practice each Kata a minimum of 10 times every week (or more if Kyoshi indicates more is better). Best opportunity to practice are Monday and Wednesday nights after Krav Maga. Stress and fatigue from class will help with tournament feel.

Once a month ask Kyoshi or one of the Sensei to evaluate the Kata to help identify areas of improvement.

Once a month film and do a self analysis of the Kata.

In September 2011, select a tournament and commit to the date by registering. Start with one minute of Seiza every day and increase by 30 seconds per week until I can remain for 5 minutes with comfortable breathing.

At 5 minutes of comfort, begin visualization of Kata. Only stop when I can no longer complete a Kata. I will measure progress by the number of consecutive Kata I can complete in a session. Become relaxed and comfortable in Seiza so that I am be able to visualize all Heian Kata by the time the 5 Kata are required for my respective belt. Compete in a Karate Ontario tournament before the end of 2011. 25 pullups straight (on a fixed bar) by June 1, 2011 National Black Belt Club Assignment Completed by: Vincent Verrault
Submitted to: Kyoshi John Leroux
Date: February 18, 2011.
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