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Dry Climate

No description

Jonathan Cayaban

on 22 April 2013

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Transcript of Dry Climate

DRY CLIMATE ANIMALS Scattered across 20-35 degrees N&S Less than 10 in. per year Average of 27 degrees Celsius DID YOU KNOW??? 1/3 of the Earth is
covered in dry climate.

1/2 of this area is
populated by people.

The dry climate, although
with few precipitation, can
have small deposits of salt

Near these are large
mineral deposits and good
places to farm solar energy. Vegetation Vegetation includes shrubs and short trees like saguaro cacti and prickly pear bushes THANK YOU FOR LISTENING TO OUR DRY CLIMATE PRESENTATION!!! Spotted Hyena Polar Bear Iguana Desert Horned Viper Pronghorn Antelope
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