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12 Stages of the Hero's Journey- Thor

No description

clay hernandez

on 24 May 2013

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Transcript of 12 Stages of the Hero's Journey- Thor

A Hero's Journey THOR Ordinary World Call to Adventure Refusal of the Call Allies Crossing the first threshold Enemies Tests The ordinary world for Thor is Asgard, a world of gods with supernatural powers. During Thor's coronation, which he is supposed to become the king of Asgard from is father. The frost giants invade into the palace trying to steal the tesseract, ruining his coronation. Instead of handling things diplomatically, and in spite of his father's warning, Thor starts war with the enemy frost giants. Crossing the first threshold was both literal and figurative for Thor. He traveled to a completely different world and lost his powers At the beginning of his exile on Earth, Thor does meet his own earthly allies. Jane Foster, Darcy Lewis, and Dr. Erick Salveg become friends of Thor. Although Thor's exile he still has friend from his home of Asgard. Sif, Volstagg, Frandal and Hogun are all Asgardian friends of Thor. Thor's enemy is his brother, Lokey. Lokey tricked him and convinced him to stay on Earth. He is Also enemies with the frost giants. Thor breaks into a government facility to steal back his hammer, but he can't lift it realizing he is powerless. Mentor After Thor gets hit by the van, he meets the driver her name is Jane. She does a lot to help him, she takes him to the hospital to get him better and she starts helping him find his hammer.She is a mentor because, she is helping Thor prepare for his fight and help finding his way home. Approach the Inmost cave Thor's is prepared to fight the fire breathing robot, one of Loki's creations. The robot is there to try to destroy Thor and the town he is in. Ordeal Reward The Road Back Thor realizes he's lost his powers when he can't pull the hammer from the ground. This is a major setback for him. After surviving the ordeal and proving his worthiness, Thor regains his powers. Once he regained his powers and learned that his brother lied about being forbidden to return, Thor recommitted to saving Asgard. Resurrection Return with the Elixir In the end, Thor saves a planet, learns to be a good king, and restores peace to the nine realms. Thor is continuing his journey by trying to fix the bridge and find his way back to visit Jane in the special or mortal world. The Hero Thor is an arrogant hero. He is young, strong, and courageous. He is also a king. Thor faces the Destroyer and speaks directly to Loki who is watching from the throne in Asgard. Thor apologizes to his brother and offers his life to save the innocent lives of others. The Destroyer hits him, sending him flying down the street. Thor dies, and the Destroyer turns to leave. He has made the ultimate sacrifice and has become worthy of the hammer. Thor is resurrected and catches Mjolnir his Armour and cape also restored. Magic Weapon Thor's magic weapon is Mjolnir, his magic hammer that only belongs to a person who deserves it. Heaven vs. Hell In the movie, Asgard would be considered Heaven because it houses the gods and man can not access it. Jotenheim, where the Frost Giants live, would be considered hell. It contains mountains, ice, snow , and canyons. Light Vs. Darkness The Light vs. Darkness match up in Thor is Thor vs. Loki where Thor is the good guy and Loki is the bad guy. The Devil Figure Loki is definitely the evil person in this movie. He is from Asgard (or so they think), yet he is taking over Asgard in order to help the "evil" Frost Giants. Creature Of Nightmare Loki Summoned a robot called the Destroyer to kill Thor Supernatural Aid During the war that Thor impulsively wages against the Frost Giants, he begins to lose. Odin, his father, comes down from Asgard and apologizes to the Frost Giants for his impulsive son. Thor's supernatural aid gets him out of trouble with the Frost Giants, but Odin also begins Thor's journey. Hunting Group of Companions Sif, Volstagg, Frandal and Hogun are all Asgardian friends of Thor. They help him fight the Destroyer The Platonic Ideal Jane would be considered the platonic ideal woman because she seems spiritually ideal and a genuinely nice person who wants to help Thor. The Outcast Thor was exiled from Asgard by his father Odin
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