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Hard-to-Find Subjects

No description

Amanda Esgar

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Hard-to-Find Subjects

Subjects 6th grade Grammar There or Here are NEVER the subject of a sentence. The subject is usually found in the middle of the sentence. Helpful Hint If you ever have trouble finding the subject in a question, use this trick: Change the question into a statement. The subject will then appear in normal word order before the verb. Sentences beginning with Here or There are probably inverted word order, with the verb appearing before the subject. If you cannot find the subject, reword the sentence in normal word order. If there is just a sentence starter, you can drop it from your reworded sentence.

There is a mistake in the ad for the show.
A mistake is in the ad for the show. The subject of a command or request is understood to be the pronoun YOU. Hard-to-Find Subjects Sentences beginning with There or Here Finding Subjects in Questions The Subject of a Command or Request Writing Coach p. 381 Commands or Requests Stop!
Begin at once.
Please come here.
Audrey, make a list.
Bob, get the tickets. It can be difficult to identify simple subjects in certain sentences. These sentences do not follow normal word order in which the subject comes before the verb. Sometimes the subject will follow the verb or part or part of the verb phrase. This is called inverted word order. Questions are often presented in inverted word order. Normal word order The concert will begin at 8:30 P.M. Inverted word order When will the concert begin? How are the kittens today?
Did you feed them in the morning?
Have you found homes for all of them yet? How are the pups today? The pups are how today.

What did the doctor say? The doctor did say what. There are two musicians from Texas in the band.

Here are the invitations to the party.
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