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Pathways to Success: Toe's presentation 2014

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Oriana Hansell-Pune

on 18 February 2015

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Transcript of Pathways to Success: Toe's presentation 2014

Educational Initiative
(2012 - 2013)

Educational Interventions

The initiative
Results (2012 - 2013)

Lesson learned - for MRGS
to consider!
Validation and affirmation
Effective pedagogical leadership
Knowing the learner
powerful learners
responsible citizens
The lessons learned that could enable MRGS realises its vision
Educational Initiative
(2012 - 2013)
30 boys - rugby team since year 9 (2010)
Educational support for -first year of NCEA (2012)
Engaging parents
Retention to year 13 (2014
What is known about the boys?
ASTTLE entries to year 11 (2012) for Maths & Reading
Over 90% at Level 4 or less or no level
Priority learners (Pasifika & Maori)
High parental engagement
Successful on the rugby field
Relationship already established
The results
Building future school leaders
Breakdown of Pasifika groups
Parental support
Extra tuition
Ongoing tracking, credit targeting & monitoring
Collaboration with teachers
Retention to year 13 (2014)
26/30 - (86.6%)
Successfully completed NCEA
Level 1 - 23/26 (92%)
(11 endorsement with merit)
Successfully completed NCEA
Level 2 - 22/26 (88%)
(4 endorsement with excellence
& 1 with merit)
10/12 senior prefects
Head Boy
Early intervention
Reach to the heights
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