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A2 Free Rice

This Prezi presentation is a collaboration project for a class.

Nahel Jallouk

on 8 February 2018

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Transcript of A2 Free Rice

•The math can only be used only in higher elementary (4th and 5th grade) and lower middle school (6th grade).

•Science & Chemistry subjects are mainly aimed towards high school students.

In Free Rice you can donate rice to the hungry. An example would be Africa. The more rice you have the more you can donate.
How can your application be used to support
Social Constructivist
United Nations World Food Programme
World Food Programme
(WFP) is run by the United Nations and is
voluntarily funded
. It was established in 1961 with the vision that, one day, every human being will have access to the food they need to,
not just survive
, but to live a long, active, and healthy life.
Free Rice is an

program that can
capture the attention
of individuals

successfully educate


Free Rice
to the
is a free website that allows people to
expand their knowledge
of a handful of subjects. Not only do you get the chance to practice and
a topic, but you can
the reward of
helping starving children
. With each correct answer you achieve,
10 grains of rice
to the
United Nations World Food Programme
help end world hunger.
If we all do a little, we can achieve a lot!

is an educational website that strives toward ending world hunger. This site benefits your education in a plentiful amount of subjects by using small practice quizzes that rewards every correct answer with 10 grains of rice. These grains of rice are donated to countries all around the world where poverty and starvation are abundant.
A timeline by date on the total donations of rice
Here are a

list of countries that
Free Rice Donates to
1. Cambodia
2. Haiti
3. Bangladesh
4. Uganda
5. Nepal
6. Bhutan
7. Myanma
With more than 13,500 people working for the organization, WFP reaches more then
90 million hungry people
in over 80 countries each year.
A Quick How-To
What you can do with
All of the games in FreeRice are multiple choice. By teaching grammar, you have options between two answers to provide the correct one. It teaches the precise form of a word, whether it be past, present, or future tense, and which is the proper form of spelling a word. It also allows students to learn what form of punctuation goes within a sentence. It begins with basic grammar and while continuing to get many answers correct, it gets a bit more challenging along the way.
These are some Educational Subjects available from Free Rice
In 2009 Free Rice Donated:
16 773 400 950
In 2010 Free Rice Donated:
9 166 693 950
In 2011 Free Rice Donated:
8 218 094 800
In 2012 Free Rice Donated:
3 351 398 496
In 2007 Free Rice Donated:
12 255 121 230
In 2008 Free Rice Donated:
43 942 622 700
In 2013 Free Rice Donated:
In January of 2014 Free Rice Donated:
In February of 2014 Free Rice Donated:
So far:
71 465 340
5 726 897 740
233 125 300
•A fun way for the children in the classroom to play
an educated game.

•Children can become aware of poverty and starving countries.

•Students may feel a sense of importance and
helpfulness for each amount of rice earned towards starving countries.

•Students also feel accomplished per correct answer.

•High schoolers are able to practice chemistry or the SAT.

•It is good for all ages.

•Helpful games to refresh your memory of a subject

What is FreeRice?
Freerice supports
learning by educating through digital media. It emphasizes the role of cultural context by educating students not only with classroom subjects but also with the awareness. It teaches students to teach themselves instead of relaying on the teacher.
social constructivism
, FreeRice is able to emphasize the importance of culture and context in understanding what occurs in society. This awareness enables students to have a better understanding of other cultures in the world around them.
The math in FreeRice starts out simple. You can choose two subgroups to start learning, either Multiplication Tables or Basic Pre-Algebra. In the multiplication table, it starts with basic such as 2x1. The more you answer correctly the harder it gets. When getting an answer wrong, it will tell provide the correct answer. After two more problems, the one you had wrong before will appear again to reinforce learning your multiplication table. In the Pre-Algebra game, it's starts off with something simple like an addition or subtraction problem, then becomes one or two-step equation. The more you answer correctly the trickier it may become.
There are four subgroups under the Geography
subject that can be played. Choosing between
World Landmarks, Identifying Countries on a Map,
World Capitals, and Flags of the World. In the
category, Flag of the World, it gives a flag of each
nation and students should know which country it belongs to. What is interesting about this, even when students guess the answer to a flag, they learn a new country that they may have never heard of before. Each category is able to help you become more aware and knowledgeable of countries all over the world.
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