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Copy of 03.03 Family Traditions Writing Assignment

Spanish 1 visual presentation comparing a holiday celebration in Cuba and my own holiday celebration.

Stevie Millerleile

on 17 January 2014

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Transcript of Copy of 03.03 Family Traditions Writing Assignment

Día de Navidad en Cuba
Christmas in Florida
In Cuba, they don't have many presents to give out because families don't have money for them.
In Cuba, on the Día de Navidad it has only been celebrated as a holiday for...
During Día de Navidad, Cuban families may have...
rice, beans, pork, and bananas as their meal.
Similarities between...
Christmas in Florida
Día de Navidad en Cuba
In Florida, I get many presents from my family and friends, even the ones that live far away
a $5 phone case to a $150 Coach purse
Christmas has been celebrated as a holiday in Florida for...
During my Christmases in Florida, I have...
turkey, mashed potatoes, ham, corn bread and pumpkin pie as my meal.
Like my family, people in Cuba who celebrate Día de Navidad, decorate their houses for the special occasion.
In Cuba, during Día de Navidad, and in Florida, during Christmas, Christians who go to church, attend mass. My family attends church as well.
During Día de Navidad in Cuba, families and friends gather to have get togethers. On the same hand, my families and friends love to get together on Christmas, and watch football.
3.03 Family Traditions Writing Assignment
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