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Falster Golf Club

No description

munno nola

on 5 September 2013

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Transcript of Falster Golf Club

Falster Golf Club
Strong side Weaknesses
beautiful nature, peaceful
nice atmosphere
traditional old buildings, and facilities
one of the best courses in Denmark
one of the best coaches (Rure J. Olsen)
make an opinion box

invite a danish cook occasionally
advertise in newspapers and in radio spots

improve the homepage
Ex: make photos of the holes,
put a map on the homepage

make a reality show

offer the opportunity of late night golf courses

make viral commercials-with humor and music

offer course for the students from 7th graded(Ungdomsskole/klub) as a spare time activity. free bus from Nykobing

produce gift boxes, with weekend golf stay, or one day of golf.
depends on the seasons, and the weather
there is no strong concept
weak logo and homepage
there is no advantage from the restaurant and the rooms
rain on the fields

Options Threats
vision how to achieve the goal
use the rooms more for winter periods
get a strong concept
make it unique
focus on direct advertising
logo, brand
financial problems
rain on the fields

restaurant and the rooms

if the fields are not drained and the club has to close bacause of the rain no members are willing to come back
it has to be in perfect condition all the time.
there should be proper drain system

option from a local interwieved: lay down sandroads for the golfcars etc.
costs - kr. 200.000

make money from the rooms in winter periods
Ex: honeymoon rooms, events, parties

hand out flyers in schools mostly among 7th graders Ex: have their konfirmation there
be more googlable
viral advertising
there is no advantage from the restaurant and the rooms outside the season
people should know the possibility to play golf in the area.

opinion box

new logo, and slogan, jingle

new pictures for the homepage

signes on the road, map on the website

invite famous people, make a Tv show

late night courses

advertise in the radio, and cinema

contact schools
in the short run in the long run
Falster golfklub
the best choice
success is our moto
customers satisfy is our satisfy
only the sound of the bat hitting the ball
golf for everyone
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