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Regis Social Change Presentation

An exploration of my journey for social change.

Kurtis Griess

on 29 March 2011

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Transcript of Regis Social Change Presentation

Discovery Bike trip Process Seeking God Purpose Willingness to follow God Life is full of choices Learned to say "yes"
to good choices Motivation January 2009- July 2009 August 2009 Aug 3: Listed first book Felt loved Good choices ignited my heart Aug 5: Sold first book Aug 10: Idea. God's voice Belief? Sought wise counsel Was encouraged by friends Started caring about others Focus changed from me to others My books were sitting
worthless on the shelf
and made $600. Aug 17:Created Facebook Event Aug 18-20: First books arrived Aug 21: Sold first books on Amazon Aug 24: Some books sold at Bookstore Aug 25-28: Asked friends for books In three weeks,
8 friends gave
books that raised
$1200 for IV Others-focused, love, compassion Provided scholarships to:

Fall Conference


Urbana September - December 2009 I knew I had a good idea.
At first, I limited my thoughts to InterVarsity.
I didn't want my good idea to be stolen.
I had a vision... what if others achieved it before me.
Deep down, I knew I could do more.
Deep down, I was committed. So as I had done in the past,
I sought advice, affirmation, and support. I met with a staff worker from InterVarsity
who reaffirmed and encouraged me that
this idea was worth pursuing. January 2010 A short time after the Urbana conference: Challenge: My staff worker was too business oriented.
Wanted me to make it like a business. I didn't agree
with his approach, but accepted that taking a percentage
of the sales was a good way to be sustainable. I didn't admit
it to myself, but
I was all in. I invited other student groups to join. In spreading the idea, I faced an internal struggle: Momentum built quickly. I wanted the credit I wanted the credit Reluctance to share Good idea, great potential No share = no good Couldn't manage it all I came to remember that it was not my idea in the first place.

I came to believe that no matter who carried this idea, it had to be shared. If not shared, it would do no good. Focus returned to the good we can do together. The cause > myself.
I could not do this
alone. The idea didn't belong to me. Haiti Earthquake That is when I knew I would start a non-profit to do this. I named the spreadsheet for the data "All4Love Fundraiser" February 2010 We collected and sold books for about a month. I received hundreds of books from 8 participating groups. I carried all the burden of sales, finding it easier than teaching/coordinating others. We raised $4000-5000 immediately. I was extremely busy and did very little planning, but it went okay.
I spent dozens of hours each week cataloging, selling, and shipping books. March 2010 I began asking if and how I could
do this after graduating. I had to
see this idea to its fullest potential.
But could I make a living? April 2010 I had to get back to my studies.
Graduation was in one month.
All textbook fundraising
activities were put on hold. May 2010 Choice: Self or Others? Shared with friend. Encouragement fueled
me. May 14: Graduation Summer 2010 Find new location for books. Organize, inventory, store books. Aug/Sept 2010: Sold some books. Contributed almost 100 books
to the Tinansa Project Motivation: Tons of encouragement.
Every success built my determination.
Every person whose eyes lit up gave hope. I shared with my sister and was surprised how interested she was. She helped brainstorm, research non-profits. Came up with great name: Bound4Love. Challenge: Focus.
I spent my time selling books.
Couldn't plan or empower others
because I was too busy. Challenge: Inexperience.
I didn't know how to start a non-profit or any business.
Did research, but it was hard to get started. Challenge: Solo-effort.
I was alone. No one else pushing me, but me.
I realized I needed help.
No mentor. How did I overcome? Steep learning curve. Finally had time to figure out what to do. Time to turn the idea into reality. Two major challenges: 1. Inexperience 2. Solo Effort Solution: Seek guidance.
Ask advice, do research. Solution: Just do it.
Do what you can, step-by-step. Solution: Set a timeframe.
Deadlines push us. Set specific deadlines to push yourself. Solution: Invite assistance.
So many people believe in what you are doing.
I wrote a list of who could help me with what
and contacted them for help. Business plan:
Aunt's advice.
Goodwill CEO.
Went to SBDC. Founding Non-profit:
Online research.
Non-profit kit for dummies.
Talked with Judy. Board of Directors: Invited my father.
Struggled to find another. (Simply didn't know enough people)
Ashley found us. What I was looking for: Skillset
Experience in non-profits
Shared vision
Motivation The start of visible progress: Name and logo choice.
Graphic design help.
Facebook/website. Progress felt way too slow.
I was dying from inaction.
Books were being wasted. The summer consisted of figuring out what was involved. Meanwhile, I continued strengthening the mission and my vision. Incorporated on September 15 Forged on with bus. plan. Found accountability partner. Nov/Dec 2010 Met with Board numerous times -mission and vision
-detailed description of activities/plan
-finalized Form 1023 Confidently submitted Form 1023 on December 10. Finally felt free to contact groups and get started. Jan/Feb 2010 Began contacting student orgs.
-APO, IV, PTK, RUSGA January 29 bombshell from IRS. Month of research. IRS challenge was positive: -Found problem with focus,
-Model conflicted with motivation,
-Return to ideal vision What's next? Our challenge now:
Give the idea away
Motivate students
Empower students

Anyone can do this. They just need to know they can.
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